HTC Desire HD

Not long after it was released, the HTC Desire HD already has received its first OTA update. The update is labeled as 1.32.405.3 and will bring "screen control and photo message compatibility enhancements."

From what is known, it is a fairly large update, so be aware if you're trying to download it on 3G. Good to know that the Desire HD hasn't been available two weeks and is already being improved upon. Be sure to let us know if you notice anything else after the update. [BriefMobile] Thanks kpenning!


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HTC Desire HD receives first OTA update


Now if they could just get their asses in gear and ship the damn Desire Z all would be good in the world!

Screen control and photo message compatibility enhancements makes for a fairly large update? This update reeks of updated copy protection and lockdown measures. Maybe HTC wasn't so happy that the initial ROM was ported to just about every other device out there.