HTC Desire HD

HTC this morning also announced the Desire HD -- basically the Evo 4G for the rest of the world (and minus the 4G part). This one's made of a solid piece of aluminum like the HTC Legend, packs a 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen, an 1GHZ Qualcomm MSM 8255 Snapdragon processor, 1.5GB of ROM/768MB RAM, dual-band HSPA and quad-band EDGE, 8MP camera with dual flash and 720p video recording, Wifi N and a partridge in a pear tree. The new enhanced HTC Sense is on board with Android 2.2, and there are all the usual bells and whistles thrown in, including DLNA media sharing.

Like the Desire Z, the Desire HD will be available in Europe and Asia in the coming weeks. [Modaco]

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JohnB101 says:

Here's a slightly more useful comment. :)

You guys have missed something significant about Desire HD. This phone uses MSM8255 processor! This is NOT the same as the one used in HTC Evo. Evo uses the first gen Snapdragon, MSM8255 is the second generation Snapdragon, and just like HTC G2, it will feature the Adreno 205 GPU. So there should be a HUGE improvement in graphics performance over HTC Evo.
Once again, if you don't know Adreno 205, here's an article for you:

RoryH says:

Wow, an "LDC" screen :-P

I assume it's an LCD screen?

MowDownJoe says:

Phil's always a little drunk in the morning.

Bujin#IM says:

What's the new button (in place of the "add to home" button) on Sense?

It's the "Scenes" button.

bmolloy says:

Please AT&T. Pretty please.

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p1eric says:

Now I want an aluminum Evo! Man, I'm spoiled.

deaofly says:

Wow 786 of Ram, that's great for a phone. I can't wait for the 2ghz cousin and 1gb ram phones to hit the market.

*sighs* I want the Desire on Sprint. The shell of the thing alone.....


chadwick723 says:

Wow! Wifi N too.

igotsanevo4g says:

I want that new snap dragon, but it doesn't have a kick stand so that kills it for me... Ha ;)

dacp283 says:

I really wish all new high end phones would go the route of aluminum cases like this and the og droid. oh how I miss the confidence I had with my droid.

marlowe8201 says:

Does it still have a front facing camera?

adrdiaz88 says:

Please tell me it will be compatible with T-Mo's 3G bands....PLEASE!!!!

chrjohns says:

How about AT&T 3G. I need a good AT&T android phone. The Aria is not cutting it for me. Not big on Samsung but would definitely go with HTC again.

Gogol says:

Only 1.5 GB ROM (Internal memory)?????????????????

Come on! Why not 4GB at least :(

droidNOOBr says:

This news excites me greatly, if it were released today... I might return my droid 2... except I only have 6 days left in my 30 first

dwt10 says:

Guys HTC just released a video of this, ITS SICK

breakmedown says:

I really wish this was coming to AT&T but I'm guessing it never will. It would put too much of a dent in the iPhone market.

breakmedown says:

I really wish this was coming to AT&T but I'm guessing it never will. It would put too much of a dent in the iPhone market.

CARL75014 says:

Desire HD is still NOT the European HSPA+ version of the EVO 4G. Just a minor refresh of the HD2 with Androïd 2.2. Shame on HTC to treat their European customers so badly this year, not bringing a real 4.3" flagship product to them. I'll wait for HTC to complete the work before jumping to Androïd 2.2.
- No Front facing camera is just UN-ACCEPTABLE for European 3G early adopters. No question to loose 3GPP Visio feature. Not mentionning we'd like to get Skype HD on top of it.
- No WiFi Hot-spot/Theethering to share the huge HSPA+ bandwidth.
- No Kick Stand, to use it as small TV for 3G TV included in our packages & videos
- No HDMI port to connect to HD TV to play HD media contents on it.
Please HTC back to work. Europe want that from you guys. Wake up !

Are you kidding me?!?!!?! Minor refresh?? They upgraded the CPU, GPU, and RAM. What more do you want?!?!

FFC is a gimmick. I bet you would use it once then forget it exists.
There is Wifi hotspot. And guess what?? Its free too.
Kick stand is a huge gimmick. Very overrated imo.
No HDMI port yes, but at least it has DLNA for streaming. Also with no HDMI at least there wont be a 30 fps cap like on the EVO.

demvin says:

So USA gets EVO, Europe gets Desire HD. What do we Canadians on AWS get ???

Nothing as usual ?

I hope it comes to Videotron.