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The HTC One M8 may have only been out for two weeks, but that doesn't mean there aren't updates to be had. Today HTC pushed out updates to both HTC BlinkFeed and HTC Gallery. In addition to the usual bug fixes and performance enhancements, BlinkFeed has been updated to let you "add more social content when you want" and the Foregrounder effect in Gallery now allows you to tap anywhere to apply the effect. Apart from that, bug fixes and performance improvements. Both updates are available now via the Google Play Store.


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HTC BlinkFeed and Gallery updates bring One M8 bug fixes and tweaks


Always good to see timely updates to help fix issues. Can't wait to pick up my M8!

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I don't really see a difference with the way foregrounder works. They still seriously need to tune up the way the mapping works. It would be nice if they could change it to map on a pixel level, rather than grid, even if it takes longer to process. As it stands, it's really hard to get a photo that the effects will look right on.

Still love my M8, though. Best phone ever.

Where can I get link for update written about in this article? I searched in Google play store but couldn't find anything. Link in article for updates to be had is only for new powersaving mode on Sprint M8 devices...Thanks for any help with this!

Look for HTC apps. Look up Zoe, then scroll down to "other apps by HTC" and tap on "show more" and you will get a list of all HTC apps. It will be there.

Anything in particular we need to do for the update or is it automatically updated. Just checked my settings for at&t update and it says I'm up to date? New to android don't know the ins and outs yet. Thanks.

Never thought I'd say this but Blinkfeed is pretty good. I'm finding myself use it quite often.

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