HTC slider at the FCC

Why, hello there, little HTC Android phone with a nice, fat keyboard. We've been waiting for one of you guys for quite some time now. That's right, it's a new (and probably) Android device going through the FCC (the buttons give it away, right?), and it has a keyboard that looks pretty much like what we've come to know and love on the Windows Mobile Touch Pro 2. Even better is that the one tested sports AT&T's 3G bands of 850 and 1900MHz. And, boy howdy, it'd sure be nice to have Android on this form factor without having to hack it on top of Windows Mobile. C'mon, AT&T. Do us right with this guy. We've got a few more pictures after the break. [FCC via PhoneDog]

HTC Android slider

HTC Android slider


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HTC Android slider makes it through the FCC with AT&T 3G bands


My thoughts exactly! AT&T has yet to allow a real Google Experience phone on their network, unless you count the N1. Sorry, but the Backflip is a joke... I'll actually be surprised if this comes to AT&T WITH an honest to goodness Google Search Widget.

Not really my kind of thing but a keyboard is nice to see, albeit on a lower end handset. I'd love to see a nice high end HTC with a slider and Android but I can wait until next summer after I've had the Evo for a while. Something in the form factor of those new Dell sliders would be nice.

Actually the Touch Pro 2 has a 5 row keyboard, so this new device isn't quite there. It is nice to see HTC finally putting out an Android Slider though. Hopefully the specs are up to par.

Why would you make a slider form factor and then clutter 1/3d of the screen with controls instead of viewable area? I think they missed the point of a slider here. What are they trying to come up with; yet another messaging phone for kids? This thing better have a way low price point. I guess they're still too busy trying to herd people into the iPhone arena to notice details.

Agreed. I'm guessing that screen is like 3.0" at the most. C'mon, HTC. You can do a whole lot better than a phone like this.