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Now that your chances of getting a Nexus 4 are down the drain (at least for now), if you poke around the Google Play Store a bit more you may find something interesting. The newest model of the Nexus 7, the one with HSPA+ data, is now listed as "Unlocked + AT&T SIM", rather than just "Unlocked". Reading through the specs you see that Google is directly promoting the use of the Nexus 7 on AT&T's "DataConnect" tablet plans, which let users choose both prepaid and postpaid options, as well as the ability to add the Nexus 7 to a Mobile Share plan.

This is certainly interesting considering that the Nexus 4 is being launched together with T-Mobile, and the Nexus 7 supports frequencies for T-Mobile as well. The good thing is that the SIM shipping in the box doesn't cost you anything extra, and you can easily remove it and use a T-Mobile plan instead. We're curious to know why there's no official support for a T-Mobile SIM out of the box at the time of order, though.

Source: Google Play Store; AT&T Support


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HSPA+ Nexus 7 now shipping with AT&T SIM in the U.S.


so would i be able to just pop in the sim from my att galaxy note and use it? or does it have to be a special data plan

I'll let you know in a few days. ;-)
That's essentially my plan. I also have a T-mobile SIM to try out (though that will require activation).

I believe if u already have a data plan and a phone that can tether is a nexus, there is no compelling reason to get this unless u r willing to pay a lot for minor convenience.

Unless they've made major improvements in the last few months, tethering will drain your cell phone's battery very fast! It seems like the combo of wifi and mobile data together (plus the constant awake time) just kills the battery...

It comes with an unactivated AT&T micro sim installed, but you should be able pop it out and put in a sim of your choice.

Im curious as to where the sim slot is located and how easy it is to pop out. I wonder if I could just put in an already activated ST SIM for Tmo or ATT an get it working, or if there is a specific sim for data only. Anyone know for sure?

The SIM is in a tray on the left side that pops out like any other SIM tray.

Whether or not you can put a phone SIM in and have it work long term is up to AT&T (or whatever your carrier)...

The N4 can already be used on AT&T. This device and the N4 are the same situation, just an unlocked pentaband device that can be used on either T-Mobile or AT&T.

I got 1 after several errors and my phone kept dissapearing from my cart so annoying. Then I go back it is not available too but I couldn't buy a 2nd 1 as the drop down says 1 or 0

After reading about iPad users connecting with the $30 T-Mobile unlimited data plan, that is what I bought and tried but I couldn't get web access except to my T-Mobile account and text messages in from them. They said tablets were incompatible and l had to switch to a $35, 3.5Gb data plan. I still wonder if I switched an activated nano SIM from a phone using that plan would it have worked?