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The process of breathing new life into the now somewhat defunct HP TouchPad continues. The folks from Team TouchDroid now have up and kind of running, Android 2.3.5 on the device much to the dismay of webOS users everywhere. While it's still not something you're likely to use on a daily basis, the fact the touchscreen drivers even working is a quite a feat alone -- whether or not you're into the whole running Android on a TouchPad scene or not, you really can't deny the coolness factor here.

Source: Team TouchDroid; Thanks, Seven2k!


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HP TouchPad can now run Android 2.3.5 -- with working touchscreen drivers


My parade has officially been rained on. Read: please don't feed the trolls.

Amazing feat nonetheless

oh yea, please tell us how good ICS is for tablets, what big changes have they made? whats its best new feature?

i can't wait! i have a touchpad ($99) and a xoom, and i must say i prefer webos from a tablet OS. im already running ubuntu on the touchpad as well as webOS, adding android as a dual boot option will make this a killer tablet for me.

Now I don't want to rain on your parade. You still get to play with cool apps at least. Its just aesthetically unpleasing as a tablet OS, and its a shame that so much effort goes into this by the devs when all Google had to do was release Honeycomb like they should have instead of waiting for Icecream....but thats a whole nother debate.

I'll take GB any day over WebOS. WebOS is a waste of time and energy. Generally you end up touching or swiping more times on WebOS to do the same thing as you would on Android. Why people are so hung up on the highly interactive multitasking beats me! Just use it and don't worry or think about what is open. Had a Pre and upgraded to an EVO, have a rooted Nook, Transformer, and a Touchpad. Pretty much don't ever use the TP cause the OS and app support is worthless. Give me a working GB rom and I'll be a happy camper!

Most people would argue the exact opposite, that it takes less user input to get things done on webOS than it does on Android. As a Pre user married to a Nexus S 4G user and i'm moving to a GS2, I know that webOS is much more user friendly and intuitive than GB. If HP, and Palm befire them, hadn't screwed up so badly i'd definitely be staying with webOS. But my future is very much Android.

I don't know about blasphemous, but how would it work with the typical Android launcher? Would the cards popup when you long press press the home button? You wouldn't want (well at least I sure wouldn't) the cards open all the time as this covers your home pages and widgets.

really? and what homepages and/or widgets are you seeing when you open any applications? all apps open in full screen.

i would LOVE to have an app minimize into a card view to and throw it off the screen to close on my epic.

Do you even know how your Epic works? It mutlitasks like webOS. You can switch between running apps by long pressing the home key. I use this all the time to copy data between apps, emails, etc.

So, to answer your question, when I am in an appropriate (like typing this reply) I can hit my home key and see all of my homepages and widgets. Then I long press the home button and select my Dolphin browser and i am back in to finish this reply.

Not exactly the same as webOS at all, but it is very similar.

Dude, we all know that "Multitasking" on android, is not like webOS, webOS is real multitasking... not saving the state of ur app into ram. some apps that ive got, when i go back to them, THEY RELOAD!!! that, doesnt happen on webOS. and when i switched to my epic from my pre, i realized how much more time i was taking to do many things that was quicker to do on webOS. now that ive got the TP, some of my friends who used to be pre users, they get so excited to feel that simpleness and reliability of webOS. and pissed off as of how many apps there are now. Google should buy webOS! and that should android 5. then Apple will go, OH $$$$!!!

You're completely wrong on both counts. WebOS still caches stuff when you switch cards. There are ways to hack it using some preware apps to keep it from doing this, but every app stops running and is replaced by a screenshot of whatever you were doing when you minimize the card. Try opening 20 cards and switching between browser cards. You get a fuzzy picture of whatever you were doing in that browser until the OS catches up and un-caches the app. The only apps you should have refreshing when you re-open them on Android are apps that have 3D graphics, but even my Desktop PC has to reload them when I tab out. If other apps are doing this, it's because your phone doesn't have enough RAM, and runs out.

No, you are completely wrong. I will minimize cards all the time with a running process and switch over to another app, and I can see the smaller app still processing. I think it CAN cache and probably does at times, but it does not just do a save state like ios or android when you move away from a card. I'll use my citrix app on my TP, and RDP to a server at work to run a software update, and I can watch the status bars moving while the card is in a minimized state. When I try and do this on my Ipad, it will drop my connection and I'll have to reconnect. I only have an adroid phone so I can't say the same for an android tablet, but I know all the clicking around in android is way more difficult than on WebOS. Face it, android does not multitask as well as WebOS.

I think maybe a task bar with either icons or small cards. Either way you would be able to to swipe left or right to search, open, or close your apps with the same motion as webos. Could be cool.

Android is a piece on a tablet. WebOS is amazingly more intuitive then Android is. I have a android tablet and phone and cannot STAND it. They both are glitchy and i need to restart them both at least twice a day. I had a pre and now a touchpad fully overclocked and the thing is a beast. I love the fact you can keep 15 things open at once instead of always having to close out of a program in android and going into another by itself. WebOS is king at multitasking but i just wish a company would learn how to sell it properly and maybe make it open source to people that want hack and make it the top of the line OS

+1 couldn't have said it better. Anyone who actually owns and uses ios, android and webos knows that webos is the best mobile os period. The only thing it lacks is apps, and even then it still has everything I need and use regularly. I also hate my evo3d, I'm switching to a wp7 phone if the mango update is any good, or iphone if it comes to sprint. I will never buy another android phone, it's so buggy it drives me nuts!! my camera lag is worse than my very first vga digital camera.

OMG you WebOS lovers shut the F up! If you love the WebOS so much then do nothing and stop reading these forms you are already in WebOS heaven its already running WebOS? For us Android Lovers this is the shit and what great work the TouchDroid team is doing I can’t wait for the port instructions!

What a douchey comment. A little overprotective of your precious android eh? Dude, we all love android here. But, there were certain aspects of webos that were cool and useful. Thats about the extent anybody has gone in support of webos on this message board. So chill the hell out and maybe you can engage in constructive conversations about the pros and cons of android and webos.

Maybe not the best way to say it but I am sick of every Touchdroid thread being "Who would want to do that? WebOS is way better" It's almost treated as some kind of fact that among WebOS fans that Android's user interface is terrible & all compared to WebOS.

I have a Touchpad, overclocked, without logging. It takes a patch in WebOS for simple options and functionality in certain apps, like the browser, that should have already been included.

I have been told that I have too many cards open after 3, without any flash open in the browser, I still experience lag with a device much more powerful than my Evo.

I don't like not having Google Apps, can't stand bing maps, hate having the browser not work correctly when it is in the background like when loading pages, the number of preferences and options you can change is always so limited.

Honeycomb is much better on tablets, I would gladly take Gingerbread or even Froyo. Honestly, I have played with iOS and if I had to choose the iOS's limited multitasking and the broken multitasking I have experienced with WebOS. My tablet would be twice as useful if team Touchdroid is successful.

Dont stone me to death fellow android army but I agree with remipmc I also prefer web os for a tablet OS. For a phone I would never give up android though.

I completely understand where you're coming from. I'm a little different. I have purchased and returned every Android tablet as well as puchased the firesale Touchpad. I have ended up with an iPad 2. I really liked the Touchpad a lot but lack of apps was too much.

Like you I would never give up Android as my phone(right now the Thunderbolt) but when it comes to tablets Apple really has it's act together. With Android tablets I was always searching for quality content, with iPad 2 I have more than I know what to do with. Can even steam my live local news.

Maybe by the time Cost Central actually ships my Touchpad the Touchdroid team will have fully ported Android. I am so sick of being in consumer limbo. Either send me my device or cancel my order...

I might be waiting until October for the extra run HP is doing to get rid of their stock of parts. That sound you hear is me pulling my hair out

I'm with you, I tried to get one for two weeks with no luck. So i bought one off craigslist, now I can relax. I do still have my order with Cost Central but I am not too optimistic about that.

This is great news I bought this so I could have a cheap tablet with the high hopes of Android being ported over to it. Sure its only Gingerbread but progress is progress. Honestly overall I like the feel of the WebOS once you tweak the system with preware patches and overclock it the thing runs like a champ its just misses APPS!

installed Alpha2, left it over night. in the morning would wont boot up, had to do (power+home+volume up) then usb, then had to do reboot. is there a way to fix the problem so it would work normally, instead of doing all this. is there a patch that i can download and install.