HTC ThunderBolt update

Now that all of us HTC ThunderBolt users have a few days of official (and theoretically unborked) Gingerbreads under our belts, it's time to check in on the state of the union. How're things going? Everything fixed that was supposed to be fixed? Are rainbows shooting out of your headphone jack?

Let us know in the commentes, and be sure to hit up the forums, where we're talking life post-GB.

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How's the HTC ThunderBolt Gingerbread update treating ya?


Working great so far, no problems, although I am looking at the Rezound coming out soon....I am also thinking about the Nexus but one thing that concerns me is it's size. I want to see it's overall dimentions and see how it feels in my hand...might be too big.

Mine seems to be working great! Though I have been one of the lucky ones with very few issues anyway. (knock on fake wood desk)

Hopefully the rezound wont have so many stupid lil problems.....I haven't heard too many other people talk about the problem viewing videos. Doesn't make aggrevating. Have high hopes for the rezound.

My wife hasn't received it yet either. I manually flashed the MR2 leak when it came out so we didn't get the MR2 OTA. Thought she'd get the GB OTA though! I'll have to let her know about the dropped data issues people are having. Maybe that will make my request to root it for her more convincing!

The update actually has made this the best Android I've ever owned. I can't find anything to complain about. If I wanted to be picky, every once in a while it still loses data randomly. That's the only issue, and it's not a big deal. I was kind of hoping the last update would mess it up so I could justify getting one of these fancy new phones coming out soon, but I can't because this phone is solid and doesn't need replacing.

I agree, I love the update. As with any update, this should have been there when it was first released. I was really looking forward to using my front-facing camera, but I had bought an ipod touch to supplement me and now I don't really need to use it on my phone. I am looking at the Nexus but mainly because I'd like to have a phone that gets frequent official updates.

Mine is dropping data so much, I called Verizon, they stated others have called about the same issue & they are sending me out a replacement...Luckily I have 3 upgrades available & 1 is going to be used on the Nexus...

Individual Contact Ringtones are still not working correctly. There is no rhyme or reason to it.

Mine and My husbands TB's are doing the same! Ring tone set for specific person....rings for wrong rhyme or reason.

No problems before OTA update except Skype video...


Contact Ringtones Random/Not working correctly
Sporadic 4G
Dropped Data
Poor Call Quality

Overall not happy...looks like they broke what was fine and fixed what I don't use


Same here.. no issues at all until the GB update. The first one of course had the Voice mail issue but, it also had my volume turning down on the phone then when turning it back up it would show that it's maxed out but would still get louder when pressing the Volume up button. Also the ringtones would not work right as they were not using their assign tone per contact and depending on who called in last it would reuse their ringtone for someone else.

Now the second GB update has fixed the voice mail issue but not the volume or ringtone issue AND I am now dropping data more than before both updates!

Wish I could ditch this TBolt for the RAZR or hell even the bionic.. no telling when the Vigor will hit...

All is golden as far as I'm concerned. Battery life is excellent, get at least 24 hours on a standard battery and 2-3 days on extended with moderate use. Overall operation of the phone is smoother and it stays locked on LTE consistently. It just works! :)

Not good. Connectivity issues. Notification issues. Texting issues. Email issues. This phone has gone very bad. Please fix.

Now see it's just the opposite for me.. my tbolt has many issues and is newer(3 months old) while with hers there's hardly any complaint..

Only thing I have seen is ringtones. If I set a ring tone for a specific someone, it plays only 50% of the time. It doens't it all the time. Anyone have a fix?

Outside of that, stable, phone works good and battery life got a small improvement

Pause dial to add PIN for accessing voice mail no longer works for me.
Supposedly HTC knows about it but not sure if they are going to fix it.

My TB has been revitalized. No data issues, better 4g coverage (even compared to co-workers Charge & revolution), battery life has amazingly doubled. I used the standard battery yesterday and had to put on a netflix movie at the end of the day to finally drain it. I am not gonna jump to the next best phone. The makers are pushing phones out so fast they are all buggy.

Contacts ring tones not working consistently and the charging indicator will never go to green. I have tried 3 known good batteries with no luck. I believe it is time for a Galaxy Nexus. Hopefully the accessories will be available right away and not make me wait 6 or 7 months like HTC did. By the time they were available I was already researching my next phone.

I have accounts with Verizon and T-Mobile. Have the Thunderbolt, S-off, rooted and flashed custom rom with Imoseyen Kernel. Keep it overclocked around 1224. Also have the Sensation S-Off and rooted running CyanogenMod 7.1. I will say the Thunderbolt is the best phone I have had and I have had them all. I live in Boston area where LTE is everywhere, my DL and UL speeds are sick fast. I have HSPA+ from T-Mobile and those speeds are very fast also. Best of both worlds and I will say the Thunderbolt is my best phone I have ever had and I will say again I have had them all.
Thanks HTC and Verizon.

I have had only one issue since second Gingerbread update. That is, the volume, when listening to anything with the earphones is significantly lower! Have to max out volume to get good sound, especially listening to a song. Other than that, everything is fine.

Neither do I. I got the first update that was pulled, but I dropped my phone and cracked the glass, so I was using my old Droid while I got the screen fixed. I reactivated the Thuderbolt on Saturday, but when I check for updates, it says it's checking, but then the popup just disappears. It doesn't tell there is an update and it also doesn't tell me that my phone is up to data, like it used to. It just says it's checking for an update and then nothing.

The phone now actually works. Was about to literAlly throw this phone against a wall because it list data connection constantly. It seems to always be in 4g and the speed is awesome. However my videos freeze but you can still hear the sound. Did anybody else have this problem? Other then that I love this phone now, however will still be getting the nexus.

I'm glad I rooted my phone shortly after getting it and don't have to deal with any if these problems.

The one and only issue I've encountered, is that since the GB update(s) there seems to be an issue with battery saver apps like Juice Defender or 2X Battery. These apps did wonders for my TBolt battery life on Froyo, but now with GB there seems to be an issue bringing the mobile data connection back after unlocking my screen every once in a while. When this happens, rebooting is the only way I can get it to come back online. Thankfully I have the extended battery and can get by without these battery saver apps..... but if I was on stock battery this would be a painful issue for me.

Got my update Monday morning (10/31) and haven't noticed any problems at all. I restart my phone daily - so I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not, but I have not complaints.

Down right disgraceful...The thunderbolt is one of the worst android devices on the market and verizon is one of the worst carriers when it comes to updates. Thank God I wont be worrying about that when I get my GALAXY NEXUS on the 24th of November. No silly verizon branding or stupid check mark or crappy bloatware that verizon loves to place on all there devices. All pure google that is all that matters I can tolerate using verizon's network since they will have no kind of involvement with

I always find myself fighting the urge to edit your posts so that they just say "DERP".  I'd never do it, just remarking that it happens often when I read your comments.

Carry on.

dont know, still haven't gotten mine yet. verizon rep told me that htc is pushing these out, that they dont have anything to do with the updates...

Totally solid after the upgrade. The Thunderbolt has been re-vitalized and made relevant again, in this world of new Droids hitting the market every 6 weeks.

After the upgrade, the battery life for my standard bat is a game changer. It lasts all day, as long as your screen brightness setting is set to auto. I use Juice Defender too, in aggressive mode.

Thanks HTC and Verizon for making the Bolt a player again, and keeping me from upgrading to a Bionic or moving to Sprint for the Galaxy 2S.

Mine's been great since the update, and the battery life is noticeably better then when it first came out. The only complaint I have is the lack of an HDMI port, but I would rarely use it anyway.

Only Complain is the Car Dock is Broke. Only way I can get it to go into Car Dock Mode is to Unplug my Car Dock befor Pluging the phone in. Maby the next update will fix it. Other then that the Phone it's self seesm to be working GREAT

I love the update no problem yet, Love my Thunderbolt! Everything about is great, just one more note.....The Kickstand I think on the Thunderbolt was a great idea. Hopefully in the next model they will continue it. (Just my thought). Thanks HTC!!

Been running GB since the day after I got my T-Bolt. No worries about waiting for HTC to patch things that the dev's do with each rom :)

Since the update, my Thunderbolt makes noise (an electric-sounding "b-z-z-z-t" sort of thing), whenever I take it out of the case and wake up the screen. Annoying. I don't see how to turn that off in "Setings" -> "Sounds". Anybody know how? I was not up for trying to root this phone, but I will if necessary to stop this.

That bzzzt sound is for sunny weather. If you go into the settings on weather, there's an option to turn the sound effects off. I'm not a fan of the bzzzt sound either, but I do like the rain sound effect.

THANK YOU!! I just did exactly that (turned off sound effects in Weather). It's not that the sounds are especially annoying, but I don't necessarily want all my cubicle neighbors to know every time I open my phone.

And it was funny, but right after doing this, turning off the screen, and turning the screen back on to blessed silence, the display came up in a "sound personalization" menu, offering me a "new set" of default sounds....

Inviting me to let the weather make noise again? Maybe changing things so I couldn't turn it off again afterwards?? IS MY PHONE OUT TO GET ME???????????? :)

Well, I stepped around that as carefully as I could.

Again, thanks for your help. How do you find out all this stuff??

My ringtones are all messed up! Gets so frustrating to hear a ringtone and you think you know who is calling to find out it's someone else! I don't seem to have the extra button option either when you go to shut your phone down. AND - for some reason my battery life has gotten considerably worse than before. Have to have my phone charging on my desk now during the day whereas before I was charging it when I went to bed - WHAT THE HELL? Liked my Thunderbolt much better before the update. Hopefully I'll be getting another update to fix these issues!

To correct t the data issue without having to deal with the Verizon bullshit just take 4g off and use 3g only it makes ur data run better and no lost signal put it ob cdma not cdma and lte. If u don't know how to do so just Google it there is also a cnet video and bonus it will boost ur battery life.

Has made my phone worse. now my phone continues to shut itself off randomly and the only way to get it to turn back on is to pull the battery and then put it back in. the last few days it has gotten so bad that i can barely use my phone. i go to unlock the screen, it shuts down. i go to text and it shuts down. my phone rings and i try to answer it shuts down. anybody else having this issue?

I seriously hate my thunderbolt since the update. Alarm clock option missing and went to use my front facing camera today and the option for it is gone. Maybe someone can help me to find this option because I'm so ready to throw this phone in verizons face.

I've been getting the shut off problem also, it shut off on me 3 times so far in the last 2 weeks that I am aware of. But, it does reboot right after sometimes. I had this issue when I got the TB in May 2011, I had the phone replaced and had no problems until the last GB update (which btw updated on its own during a phone call and rebooted).
I also get the personalized ringtone issue randomly like others mentioned, and some other weird stuff like in-call volume always goes to max for every call. Brightness goes to max (happens after the random reboot). Calender sync issues with outlook - I scheduled a reoccurring appointment on Wednesdays from the TB, it showed up as Tuesdays on Outlook. Seems like everytime there is a fix, it screws up some basic functions that are working perfectly fine. Doesn't HTC test there upddates before releasing. Frustrating.