As spotted by cammykool in our Chromecast forums. Can you see it?

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Nath Ward says:


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Nick Kromer says:


drdagreenphd says:

Haha, Android Central's cameo.

Nice! lol. free advertising is always good! says:

Ha that's cool.

thla says:

Not really an easter egg, but still cool :D

johncblandii says:

Haha...nice. :-D

Very awesome. That has got to make you guys feel good :D

That's so cool!!!!

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alantsay says:

Thank you for being Awesome!

jobjohnny says:

That's awesome. Proof you guys and gals have made it to the big time!

dmedesha says:

So, spending all our membership dues on product placement, are ya'? Won't be adding any extra zeroes when the AC invoice comes around again!

hodan says:


Adamsville says:

22 seconds in

Did anyone else notice that the Nexus 10 was running Ubuntu?

sorbe88 says:

That's the Google play movies app...

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Kylecore says:

ubuntu? since when does ubuntu have the 3 android software keys at the bottom of the screen and the blue time/battery/wifi signals in the top right

fleming164 says:

That was my first thought at first glance! I had to have a second look to realise it was just the movies app!

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Deolarte says:

It was running play movies bot ubuntu.

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briankariu says:

Maybe this is Google's way of politely asking AC to add chromecasting to their app? :D :p

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GMC MaXx says:


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Jacques says:

Very nice. :-)

kurioskurion says:

Nice! Gratz!

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mtwalther says:

Very Nice! AC all day baby!

Alcarnor14 says:

Nice! That's cool. Grats.

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MasterElwood says:

AWESOME! Now bring root back google!!!!!!!

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crxssi says:

The fact that the how-to video contains AndroidCentral as one of the feeds on YouTube? That is cool, but it is not an Easter Egg, which is a hidden function in an app...

dacp283 says:

No actually that's not what an Easter egg is. However, I wonder if this is just coincidence as opposed to intentional. Either way it's good stuff.

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crxssi says:

"In computer software, Easter eggs are secret responses that occur in response to an undocumented set of commands."

They do offer some other definitions too, but none quite fit this situation.

MasterElwood says:

A video is not computer software

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kavman says:

Well obviously Google come here to find out what they are doing!

BasPilot says:

I seen it! I seen it!

Nice to show you're leading the when Google gives you some love in their personal stuff.

Small_law says:

AC has come a long way baby! Congrats guys.

kckadow says:

You've arrived!

Congrats on Google's seal of approval!

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juvogel says:

That is awesome!!

SuperJonCA says:

Congratulations! You guys finally made it!

VAVA Mk2 says:

I guess that means someone at Google is a regular here Philly boy.

jackoceanz says:

I want one!!!!

xolanir says:

Easter egg like a BAWS!!!