As spotted by cammykool in our Chromecast forums. Can you see it?


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'How to use Chromecast' video has a pretty awesome easter egg


So, spending all our membership dues on product placement, are ya'? Won't be adding any extra zeroes when the AC invoice comes around again!

ubuntu? since when does ubuntu have the 3 android software keys at the bottom of the screen and the blue time/battery/wifi signals in the top right

That was my first thought at first glance! I had to have a second look to realise it was just the movies app!

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Maybe this is Google's way of politely asking AC to add chromecasting to their app? :D :p

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The fact that the how-to video contains AndroidCentral as one of the feeds on YouTube? That is cool, but it is not an Easter Egg, which is a hidden function in an app...

No actually that's not what an Easter egg is. However, I wonder if this is just coincidence as opposed to intentional. Either way it's good stuff.

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I seen it! I seen it!

Nice to show you're leading the when Google gives you some love in their personal stuff.