Gmail and Google+

Google's just implemented a new feature in Gmail that — by default — lets anyone in your Google+ circles send you email without actually having your address. (Google is sending out email now reminding folks that this is taking effect.)

Here's how to keep that from happening.

It's simple enough. Go to Gmail. Open the settings. In the general tap, scroll down to the "Email via Google+" section.

There you'll have four options

  • No one
  • Circles (folks you've added)
  • Extended Circles (these are folks added to circles by the folks whom you've circled)
  • Anyone on Google+ (all the folks)

By default (at least for us), this new feature is set to "Circles." Choose the one you want, scroll down and hit save, and you're back to normal.

You're welcome.


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How to keep just anyone on Google+ from sending you Gmail


Why does your settings screen look very different from mine? Call me confused.

Perhaps I havent been upgraded yet?

you will get an email, in the updates folder if your are using the segmented inbox, bout the feature. It is titled: " Gmail update: Reach more people you know

once you see that you can change the setting!

Anyone. And I got the email while sleeping, anyone could have emailed me then


Isn't this pretty much the same thing as they've had forever where you can have an option on your g+ profile for either anyone, nobody or some of your circles send you a message? Not referring to hangouts.

Just now they've integrated the setting into gmail, that is all.

I've had it enabled for anyone for a couple years now and didn't get any messages from people I didn't know so I'm not worried.

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Probably why the defaults are different for different people.. They copied the setting.

I don't really see the difference between that and allowing people to send you Google+ messages, except which app it ends up being displayed in.

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Agree. I think that's why they are making the change since it would be more helpful to send an email rather than a Google+ "message".

I wish I could choose what Circles to allow. It wouldn't be an all or nothing decision for me. For now, I'll have to go with "No one" even though I would prefer to probably allow my Family, Friends, and Coworkers circles to participate.

The "Anyone on Google+" default is the stupidest thing Google has ever done, imo, even with the "If people who aren't in your circles send you email this way, you must agree before they can send you more." caveat. I expect this to blow up in their faces in the weeks to come. Watch for Google to backtrack to making this Circles only or No one.

+1, I'm with you on that! Google's been crossing the line in my opinion to creepiness for some time now, so thankful I resisted being sucked into that purgatory they call google+

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Phil thanks so much for this tip. I have two Gmail accounts and both were set to anyone. Now to check my Wife's account and my Mom's too.

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Mine was allowing anyone to contact me. Disabled to no one :-) thanks for the tip. Also posted this on my LinkedIn.

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I do not see this setting in my gmail accounts. I guess if you do not use G+ if does not apply? fine with me!

I just got the email too. My default was "everyone on Google+".

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My account, and my wife's, were both defaulted to Anyone on Google+. That is disturbing, but thanks for pointing it out to us. We don't need emails coming from anyone on Google+. Good Grief.

I agree, I'm leaving mine on everyone. Anyone who's not in your circles can send you only one email unless you reply to them, and if I start to see overwhelming spam from what would be dozens of G+ accounts, it will take me 30 seconds to change my setting later.

People are really overreacting to this.

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Google + is a completely worthless attempt to socialize an email platform......FU google for forcing me into it

One reason again Im not having G+ account and wont get it either. Too much sharing, sharing and even more sharing.

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I assume if I don't have a Google + account then I won't get this setting? My settings looks vastly different from the screenshot above. Like is the "Undo Send" option new? I don't have that one either.

My default was everyone. I was going to change it to Circles, but I think I'll leave it on Everyone until I get annoyed by it. It's good to know the setting is easily accessible.

Thanks for the post. Hate Google plus and everything related. Why must Google push it down our throats!

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I don't think it is a big deal. At least Google sent an e-mail to tell us about the change. If you are worried about getting email spam then just disable it.

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