Skype has done fine work with its new Version 4.0 on Android, bringing about some badly needed performance improvements as well as a redesign. But in doing so, it's buried the sign-out button, as well as the settings — two things that absolutely need to be in the top level of the user interface.

Here's how to get to them:

Skype update

When you're logged in, tap the image of your face (or whatever you're using as an avatar) in the top right corner. That'll take you to your account profile. Then hit the overflow button — the three dots — in the lower right corner, or hit the menu button if you're on one of Samsung's phones (or any other with an actual menu button). Now you'll have the option to sign out, or to go to the settings.

It's worth noting that if you want to log in with a different username, you'll need to make sure "Sign in automatically" is unchecked in the settings menu.


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How to sign out of the new Skype 4.0 for Android


The three dots don't appear when your phone has a menu button (usually three/four horiontal lines). Try pressing the menu button on your phone on that screen.

Just wanting to ask, how to record and send a video message? I received and play ed a video msg, but cant find an "ICON" TO RECORD A VIdeo msg myself. There is an icon for call and video call

Thanks for the info...was trying to figure this out. However, on my Razr, I have to tap my picture in the top right corner then hit the options button (lower left) to bring up the option to sign out. I found this while trying to do what you posted...accidently. Hope this helps someone...

So far we have 4 different ways of signing out based on the article and comments. Gotta love Android.

Like the look of the app. But if you need to read an article to understand how the find the options and log out the overall design is just bad...

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It's not the app, it's each way it's implemented across devices. Hence my "gotta love Android" comment above. And by that I meant sometimes too much of a good thing is a bad thing, especially when it comes to consistency.

Microsoft/Skype is trying to make the app uniform across OS's, and devices that have different behavior within the same OS does not help things.

No, the problem is not that it's in an overlow menu, and thus on-screen on some devices, and in menu bars on others.

It's that the options are buried in the profile page.

Exactly. Signing out should be in a top level (main screen) menu, at minimum. I wonder if they are doing this type of thing intentionally to be annoying, or because they think people should never sign out, or if it is just a mistake.

Either way, it's not compatible with my DNA for whatever reason.

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is there a way to stop the online icon from showing in the notifcation bar all the time? (without signing out that is...)

I didn't find it either so I went to app info and unchecked the notification box. I think it should work that way

If you go to your application manager(phone setings>application manager>skype) in your settings and choose skype there is a checkbox you can deselect to remove the notification. I believe you lose the ability to see any other notifications skype has going though by doing that but I am not entirely sure since I use skype only for the occasional video chat but then log out right away.

yeah it appears that i would lose ability to get the other notifications. i wish they would allow for this to truly run in the background without the icon constantly there.

took me 1/2 a minute to find out how to sign out! Can we get some articles that specifically pertain to devices that are rooted please?

Took me 5 minutes to figure this out but Microsoft shouldn't have buried the Settings and Sign Out button in that profile picture. They should have just put it in the top-level menu instead... Great design on the rest of the app though.

Skype is the worst app ever created. It absolutely F&*(^T&*% SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! I used it everyday for a long time and it SUCKS A$$!

I have Samsung galaxy s2,I followed the steps and tried to log out,got in the account profile,it stopped dead at "call forwarding",nothing else,the overflow bit with 3 dots was nowhere to be seen. What should I do? I want out! Help!!! Worst app ever by Skype!

Hey,guys,if u got stuck like me earlier at the stage where u got into ur account profile, I couldn't find the overflow bit with 3 dots like Phil said,but just accidently press the "setting" button on my phone(galaxy S2),the "sign out" option is in there,as well as other skype setting options. So,give it a try on ur phone setting button when u get into account profile on skype, if u've got galaxy S2.

Hi there! I have a galaxy S4 and do not have the three dots anywhere!! I never thought I would hate skype this much. Please help!! How do I sign out!!??

Touch your profile picture to go to your profile, and then touch the menu key to the left of the home button. Sign out is in there.

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Can you please help? I can't find the three dots option on my Galaxy s3 mini even on my profile... it just isn't there, how can I sign out?!

I do not have any options, 3 dots and nothing happens when hitting the "menu" button on my Samsung Galaxy S4 ?? Not a clue how I then get into the settings menu and I am very unsatisfied with the limited availability options. I can only choose "Invisible" or "Available". This is definatly not sufficient. I miss being able to set it to "Away" or at least "Busy".... :( Not a positive upgrade for me as it wasn't either with the merge with MSN....

Personally I am getting more and more annoyed with SKYPE, which I otherwise LOVED to begin with... not all changes is good change.

Ditto here. This is not an "upgrade", its an abortion.I am beginning to suspect that Micr$oft bought Skype to kill it off.

On Sony Expedia U I d not get three dots, phone is nit provided with menu button , still the application does not show any possible sign out mode.

Please update with solution.


On Samsung S3 no three dots but if you tap the button on left finally the setting and sign out options appear! Thank you for posting this!

I have galaxy grand i9082..there is no 3 dots and 3 or 4 horizontal lines on the right bottom I can logout my Skype 4.0 version :( kindly tell me

HTC 1, Google Play Version. No Menu button. no three dots. No way to quit Skype. Lately Micros$ft can frack up a wet dream.

I have an LG Optimus L7 II mobile and I can't find the log off or settings button in Skype. There is no 3. part on the menu on the right side on the bottom where I could select anything. Please someone help or I will have to delete skype. Thanks