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It's not much of a secret, judging by all the talk in our Evo 4G forums, that a lot of you folks out there are getting ready to jump one ship or another to join the ranks of Android with the Sprint Evo 4G (as well as other recent Android phones). So let's hear it: Which OS did/are you ditching for Android?


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Hey, newcomers: Which OS platform did you ditch for Android?


Yes....*hangs head, shuffles feet*... I've started with the DI, so not a bad entry I would say. Coming from an old LG Chocolate FLIP phone, it was like going from a 8mm to Blu Ray... I've always been a PC dork, so now I'll be a phone dork as well.

You are not alone! The Evo will be my first smartphone, due to being locked into a contract with a provider other than Sprint and wanting to leave them, but not wanting to pay the fee to break the contract. It looks like things have worked out for the best. :)

BB OS was ok, Android 2.1 and 2.2 OS is incredible. I own an HTC incredible and will never go back. Sorry BB you have fallen behind...

Samsumg SCH-I760--> Blackberry Tour --> HTC [Droid] Incredible.

I never realized how much i hate blackberry os until i started using my old tour for 9 months then realized even WINMO is better then bbos. Obviously im loving my droid incredible more then i ever new possible.

You too! I cannot wait to punt my centro as high as I can.
I think i will also see if it will blend afterwards....

Mods should add it to the list as I would figure there are many of us long hold-outs that came from the wonderful, but painfully outdated Palm OS (me from the Treo 680).

Ha, that's funny, as my first "smartphone" was the Handspring Visor Pro with the Visorphone! Thanks for the memory jog!

Compadre!!! Hubby and I used ours for 9 years!! Only gave them up when text messages from newer phones started crashing them. Still miss Grafitti. Bought MobileWrite, but it's just not the same. Went to MyTouch G3s, but I'm lusting for an N1.

Upgraded from a sad storm1 back in December. Motorola Droid. Loving it. Blackberry should just use android and all will be perfect. I need a distraction from my life on the gulf coast. This works.

If BB OS was anything like android, I'd probably have a joygasm. There are TINY facets of BB OS that I miss (not to mention that my battery would last for DAYS), but it doesn't compare to my Droid.

I had a bb pearl before my eris. I never knew it could have extra apps until the last year I owned it. Needless to say, android is awesome.

Just joined - First post, Long time reader > Coming from the crackberry forums (and being a current and 4 year BB user) its hilarious to see how jaded some of those users are about their devices. Open market development and Google will rule the cell phone market, i was the BIGGEST blackberry supporter - they are SO FAR behind in every way its embarrassing. Their software is mundane and laggy, their hardware is average or below and their products build quality is terrible. (had the 8330 and the 9630 now and been through a total of 7) I will be joining the android community friday for the evo (been on sprint for 7 years) and iam very excited to be a part of this community. Great job Phil and everyone else! thanks

I AGREE 100% Randomhero. I had the G1 for T-mobile when it came out and loved how Android was designed. There was a long way to go from Android 1.1 to todays firmware but then I felt the need to get a Blackberry. I never ever will go back to RIM again in my life. Their OS just feels so outdated even with their newest 5.0 out. I recently got a 9700 (Bold 2) from T-mobile and was impressed with the look of the phone (beautiful device) but still the Software is not for me. Android is advanced and completely user friendly. I can't wait to switch back to the right side come friday! Funny thing is Ever since my G1 I have pulled 80% of my friends into buying Android OS devices, Moto Droids', Devours, Incredibles and Nexus 1's. They love them and say that Android is by far their favorite yet.

Coming from a Nokia N900 running Maemo.
Not gonna lie, I was pretty let down with Maemo, and this is coming from a linux guy. Still debating what Android phone to go with, but I'll be another notch on the Android belt by the end of summer :)

another suggestion...

I'm actually ditching WebOS for the Evo 4G. So I can't vote in the poll.

EDIT: Beat me to it! 2 minutes ago it wasnt on there! :)

iPhone 3G > Nexus One. (AT&T model)

Never made the switch to 3Gs.

And all those call drop problems I blamed on AT@T disappeared with the iPhone. That's the dirty little secret Apple doesn't want you to know.

Almost the same boat as me. Bought my friends used iPhone 2G after he upgraded to the 3G, then I upgraded to the 3G, and now I have the Nexus one. Was pretty chapped that a couple months after I upgraded to the 3G (as soon as my contract would allow me to) they dropped the 3GS, which was better in every conceivable way.

I never really experienced any problems with reception though. WA has really good AT&T coverage throughout most of the state, except if you live way out in the middle of nowhere. Never had any reception issues with any of my AT&T devices.

Coming off from iPhone OS and BB (well king of keeping BB just for the BBM), and I can tell you that Android is way better for me than all of the other OS that I have tried before! looking forward to pick up my EVO on friday!

I've been with Sprint and Palm all my life.

Some decent Nokia candybar-->Treo 600-->Treo 650-->Palm Centro-->Hero (11/09)

The only thing I miss is the keyboard, because I have years of experience with it. I didn't go with the Pre because Android just has more promise.

I want the Evo so badly, but it's too soon of an upgrade :/

funny "yuorfaec", I had done similarly, however I even tried jumping ship after the Centro to WinMo with the HTC Touch Pro, which by far gave me confidence in HTC, but reinforced why I'll never get another WinMo phone. Then finally went to the Pre giving Palm one more chance, in which they didn't "blow it" per se, but I think it ended up being too little too late and Android just looks THAT good. EVO will be my first Android device, and what a way to transition apparently! Somehow I'm sure I'll be 100% satisfied if not completely blown away...

Palm III-->Palm m130-->Treo 650-->Centro-->Hero

I love my Hero, it does the things my palms just wouldn't. I don't miss the keyboard (I do like the big keyboard on my son's Moment).

I'm in the same boat not being able to upgrade yet, but with all the developments in Android phones, imagine what we'll be able to upgrade to in Nov!

I ditched Blackberry (or crapberry as I like to call it) for the Sprint HTC Hero. Am going to try to trade up for the Evo. It looks like an absolutely amazing phone.

To respond to the statement on the screen , no I do not want it ! I left the Palm OS on the Palm Pre and got and got a Sprint HTC hero , then to the Google N1 and Now the HTC Droid Incredible, I have zero interest in the Evo 4G

No, you didn't leave PalmOS, you left WebOS on the Palm Pre. PalmOS is positively ancient. WebOS is extremely decent.

Five-year WinMo fan. Started with the PPC-6700 back in 2005 (loved it), then the HTC Mogul (liked it), and then the Touch Pro (lukewarm at first but quickly grew to hate it).

I've had this I/O Evo for five days and I still cannot believe how well everything works. Things that would take me MINUTES to accomplish on the Touch Pro can now be accomplished in a matter of seconds. Web browsing went from being a chore to a joy. Everything is so quick.

I'll still keep an open mind about Windows Phone 7. Each year I'll see what looks the best and buy accordingly. But right now, Android is blowing me away and it's hard for me to imagine using anything else.

Wow amazing how many of us left RIM and blackberry to come over to Android according to the polls. I had several blackberry's and was a crackberry addict for years. I was a big supporter and got all my family and some friends on it. I order a nexus one a month ago and left RIM. I agree that many people have no clue what is out there and believe Blackberry OS is the shiznit. I thought I would miss it but not at all.

I need to get my wife over now but she hates touch screen keyboards and doesn't like the Droid keyboard. One day I'm sure there will be a prefect device for her.

BB. 8330->9630->9550. Now on Moto Droid. So far so good. There are things about BB that I liked, and I was very familiar with it. Just want to try an Android phone.

I dumped the BBS2, I basically grew tired of RIM's slow, clunky, unimaginative hardware. Topped with there being nothing about upcoming 0S 6.0 that made me want to hang in a wait for "new RIM devices." I Loathe AT&T so no matter what phones they might carry I can't see giving that organization a penny of my money.
The HTC Incredible has hands down been the best smartphone that I have ever owned. And I have used them all including the iphone, Adroid has come the closest to getting it all right. I love the speed, the power and the customization of the device, Market gets stronger day by day, I've been so pleased with the phone I have influenced at least 5 others to purchase Android devices.

Yeah I got my wife away from blackberry after about 8 years now she has the Motorola Droid and loves its, no going back for her either.

Looking to finally join Android as soon as I find good subsidized hardware on ATT. Love the OS, been tracking since inception. Played/owned many other OS's and currently on BB (sigh). I disagree with Apple's closed stance on things so I never bought into their hype and marketing. Give me the Evo hardware on ATT and I'm good to go, with FroYo please and hurry, I'm hurting!

Me too, that is why I am leaving the Pre for the Evo. WebOS really is great (now that they have updated it enough). But I am just dying for a better keyboard, bigger screen, more memory, better camera, and an overall faster experience.

I am going to sorely miss how "hackable" WebOS is (Preware is da bomb) and the wonderful card-based multitasking. And, of course, the hardware ringer off and the wicked inductive charging (Touchstone). If Palm comes out with much better hardware next year, I might jump back.

I wish I could design my own phone OS with the best of the aspects of WebOS and Android combined, and the best hardware options from the various models out there.

Well after several years I am finally leaving BlackBerry. I have spent the last however long its been since the Storm was released tweaking and updating it into a pretty usable device but nothing fixed the memory leaks and multiple battery pulls a day. So I decided to try the Incredible and see how the other half lives.

I've come from many BlackBerries, starting with the 8800 (what a mistake that was for me). Then the 8300 series of curves, and finally the 9700. Great device, but too small, and what a bore the OS is. I know they are going to rectify that with OS 6, but too late for me. Now I have the Nexus One, and all I can say is WOW! Very excited. I just can't seem to put it down. :)

I'm going to get the Evo 4G on Friday. I've been with Sprint my entire mobile lifetime, but this will be my first smartphone. I'll need to get used to carrying around my USB cable for midday charging, but I have a feeling I won't mind with all of the amazing features.

I ditched my old Palm Centro for an HTC Hero. I could not be any more excited about that decision.

Ouch! BlackBerry you are hurting pretty bad. RIM, I guess that YEAR-LONG WAIT for you to tweak the Tour 9630 and turn it into the Bold 9650 was too much for many of us!!!

Once I *win* the EVO 4G from Android Central (hint, hint), I too will leave BlackBerry in the dust. Nothing personal, of course, it's just that as true Smartphones go, BB is so last century. :D

I may be moving from webOS to Android with the Evo 4G. Another thing to note - how many of these people switching to Android feom webOS would stick with webOS if new hardware were available in June? The switching is more a factor of the Premiere status of people who bought the Pre when it released and the well timed launch of the Evo 4G.

Count me as one of them. I would GLADLY stay with Palm if there were a replacement for the Pre that had twice the memory, twice the performance, removable storage, voice dialing, and a larger screen/keyboard.

A lot of high-end-phone Sprint customers (like us) are Premiere status and want to upgrade. Palm/Sprint gave us early adopter Premiere customers nothing to upgrade to. Even if the Pre+ comes to Sprint, that is too little, too late now. And with the HP buyout, I lost confidence that anything will change this year.

Just tired of waiting.

Not sure that I'll be leaving my current phone/OS. "Just window shopping", can we get that option.

My wife left BB for a lowly Cliq and even that is beating the breaks off the BB. I've never seen her enjoy a device so much. its always in her hands. She says its way more user friendly and has way mod functionality. My last smartphone was a Treo and now I'm on an Incredible. You already know I'm loving it. I had a G1 before and yes that was better too.

Yep, "this is my first smart phone" and happily leaving AppleTT to enjoy the open seas of Freedom! Oh, the lower data plan price doesn't hurt either!! ~ Jumping from rollover family (2-line) RAZR's to a pair of EVO's!! Here comes video chat with the wifey, hmmm not sure if that IS good! But keepin' up with the grandkids is gonna be a blast now!!

I've really enjoyed my Palm Pre. But thanks to Sprint's every-year upgrade program, I can't wait to get the Evo! Next year, who knows!

Exactly. I am not counting out WebOS/Palm. For now, the Evo is calling us. If they (Palm/HP/Sprint) have something killer this time next year, I might jump back. WebOS is *fantastic* and is much better than Android in a number of important ways (openness, hackability, card user interface, etc). But in other ways (like launching speed, voice dialing, on-screen keyboard, etc) it lags. And the hardware (Pre non-plus) is just not up to my level.

Sounds like a broken record but I, too, ditched my Storm for the Incredible and haven't regretted it. I remember when I first got my Storm and I had to will myself to like it. Not so with my Incredible - still madly in love with it! This is what I wanted my Storm to be and more.

treo600---->treo 755---->blackberry pearl 8130---->mogul ---->touchpro-->palm pre---->blackberry tour 9630-----> palm pre------>waited too long or some better hardware from palm ---->got tired-------->jumping to evo 4g and dropping palm for good

i was really wating for something new coming from palm but still nothing so am going with evo

Palm RIP

My G1 is my first ever smartphone and I absolutely love it! I've converted at least 10 other friends form iphones and blackberry's, including my wife. I'm holding out for a new T-Mobile device that has a full keyboard. Maybe the new HTC Sidekick Twist??

i came from a T-mobile Sidekick LX..
now i have a HTC HERO! aaaah man! i signed up for Sprint & i've never been happier! Sprint plans are better than T-mobile!
my BF hooked me to Android he got a G1 the day it came out, i've been longing for it ever since!
i wish i can can get an Evo but i'm perfectly happy with my HERO. plus i feel greedy switching to another Android phone when i've only had my Hero for slightly more than a MONTH.
i wish the Sidekick had an Android market. the same company makes them, maybe one day, but i will N-E-V-E-R go back to T-mobile.. I'LL SHELL OUT $100/mo to VRZ before i go back to them!
My twin sister has BB 8530 & she ENVIES ALL MY FREE APPS & THEMES! we only got the BB for Sprint b/c it was literally FREE from Sprint. now she regrets its b/c she didnt want to pay for a Hero! dummy.

I am defecting from the Palm Pre. The hardware is the only shortcoming. The Palm Pre runs, in my opinion, the absolute best in opperating systems. Now that Palm is being taken over by HP, I'm hoping that WebOS will become more of software package available to builders, and maybe in the future we will see HTC's building for the WebOS. If a phone like the Evo makes an appearance running WebOS, it's likely that I would defect again, but for now, I'm geekin' for this phone! Friday at 8:45A can't get here quick enough.
Happy Evo Eve-Eve!

I kind of ditched WinMO, Blackberry OS, and WebOS to get Android. My last upgrade was a MotoQ with WinMo5 (please don't laugh), that didn't last the two years, so I took my sisters old Blackberry Curve, which I'm using now. That was going to hold me over until my renewal date when I planned on getting a Pre. Luckily, before my contract was up I heard about the Evo and decided I could wait the three extra months.

And I probably won't be using my iPod Touch as much, so throw in iPhone OS in there too, I'm pretty much dumping them all.

I came from Palm -- actually not so much to jumping *to* Android, but jumping *from* the lack of high-end Palm offerings (IMHO).

What I am really amazed at is the relative "immaturity" of Android apps and multi-platform sync capabilities (versus Palm) in the core PDA categories of calendar, tasks, notes/memos, contacts.

First post for a new user. :) Coming from Palm webOS which was pretty and relatively easy to use, but still felt laggy. I'm sick to death of the Palm Pre hardware not being able to consistently recognize that I have earbuds plugged in or not. I've had a couple of Treos in the past as well as a Windows Mobile device. I haven't fallen in love with any device I've had....it's simply a contest to find one that's less bad than others. Hopefully the EVO will break that streak.