HTC Bravo

Here's the best look yet of the still-unannounced HTC Bravo, which we're expecting to see in Europe at some point. And this one's done up in Polish, so chances are the 3.7-inch AMOLED, 1GHz Snapdragon device will end up there, too. [Komorkomania via Unwired View]

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NickF227 says:

Is AMOLED the new LCD? Def getting popular with the phones.

(And I pronounce AMOLED like Ah-Mole-aid instead of the letteres. Is that weird?)

Anonymouse says:

AMOLED, is pronounced like "Ammo El Eee Dee"

dm33 says:

Is it coming to the US? Seems like a Nexus One with physical buttons. I prefer physical buttons. When I tried a Nexus One virtual keyboard, when I tried to hit the spacebar I kept getting the home button and losing everything I'd done.

I've always wanted a phone that was made in Poland... no? =P

Da11as says:

I always spelled it out A-M-O-L-E-D. What a mouthful. Then my Samsung rep came in one day and I asked her. She said it was pronounced "AM-oh-led". And since samsung is basically the authority on that type of technology, i'm gonna take her word for it.

Anonymous says:

Looks better than my N1 piece of cr@p.

Tim Coldwell says:

Google's phone faces cut-price challenger
Several mobile phone companies plan to sell cheaper version within weeks of Nexus One device going on sale