Android Wear check

Many of you will soon be picking up new Android Wear devices like the G Watch, Gear Live or Moto 360, but there are a few things you'll need to get out of the way first — like whether or not they'll will work with your phone. Android Wear is compatible with with any Android phone running 4.3 or higher, so if you have a newer device you should be good to go. If you're not sure however, Google has an easy way for you to check.

To check and see if your Android phone is compatible with Android Wear, simply head to from your phone's browser. There, you'll instantly get a "yay" or "nay" on your compatibility.

Android Wear check

That's all there is to it!

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K White1 says:

Well, that's a cute and simple way to check compatibility.

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aitt says:

Tried putting cash into the disk drive but no Moto 360 dispensed.

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droidman2177 says:


Coins in the SD card reader don't work either *sob*

DroidOn says:

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but of the new watches announced, only the LG and Motorola watches are compatible with my HTC One M7, and NOT any of the Samsung watches, right? It appears the Samsung watches are only compatible with the Samsung Galaxy phones.

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rx76onu says:

That is true for Galaxy Gear NOT Gear Live. It will be compatible with all Android Wear Compatible phones.

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If you're talking about the new Galaxy Gear Live, then it should be compatible with any device since it's using the new Android Wear OS.

NoNexus says:

Your wrong. Samsung Android Wear devices will work with any of them. The Galaxy Gear will not. I know it is confusing, and they really need to change something with this, but if you see Android Wear on any of them you should be fine


wezi427 says:


I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

mdmitchell13 says:

Why do people feel the need to point out gramarical errors?

NoNexus says:

They have nothing better to add...I gave up on dealing with the Neo-Nazi's

speculatrix says:

Because those of us afflicted with this need, probably a combination of asperger's and OCD, find misspellings and grammar a serious distraction.. imagine when reading a book if someone poked you gently in the eye every so often.

And maybe we hope by correcting people they might improve.

Dizfunctions says:

LG G2 T-Mobile is compatible ☺

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moelsen says:

weird, have a moto x on 4.4.3 and it tells me i don't have android 4.3 or higher.

Hootermancs says:

My 4.4.2 Verizon Moto X reported compatible.

moelsen says:

actually, i tried again using chrome instead of firefox and now it reports correctly that i'm compatible. i should've figured that.

Hey ANDROIDCENTRAL! You should mention that you need CHROME for this to work correctly.

NickLippert says:

Worked fine for me on my X with 4.4.3 and dolphin browser.

moelsen says:

weird. maybe it's a firefox thing. oh well.

savdini says:

Firefox...? What is it, 2005?

Nexus 4 - CM10.1.3

Boomerang503 says:

I just tried it. It says my HTC One Max is not compatible. I'm on Verizon and running stock Kit Kat (4.4.2). Strange? I think so.

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CountryDevil says:


metle_geek says:

Did you do it on the chrome browser?

mvsmith says:

It's says moto g is compatible :)

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zhelf says:

They should have made this a google query function so i could ask a simple phrase like "is my device compatible with android wear" and it would bring you right to this site or run a check. (i already tried and that page does not come up in one of the top spots.

ShadoWolf_TA says:

A good old fashioned list would have been better.

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How so?

rgao007 says:

If you don't like this method, it's really not hard to tell if your device is running Android 4.3 or higher, especially if you're on this site.

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tdizzel says:

I'm confused, when i check the compatability of my phone, i get a green check over the picture of the phone but then a picture of a Moto 360 with a huge red X over it

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ChrisIrwin says:

The test is browser dependent (obviously). Firefox, for example, doesn't send the android version in it's user agent string, and reports that your phone is incompatible.

quailallstar says:


Winner of the OnePlus Storm of Invites contest thingy...

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Chex313 says:

Nice it has the Nexus 5 as compatible and than a robot marches in and says I have the best phone and I'm a great guy!
I wonder how it knew that ;)

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I have nexus 4 ;( was going to upgrade but Moto360

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Runnin_it says:

Make sure your user agent is set to android in your browser.

MowDownJoe says:

I should make a note here, this doesn't work in Firefox for Android. On my Moto X running 4.4.2, it says I'm not compatible if I use Firefox but I am if I use Chrome.

Silly Google. The web is open because everyone can access it the way they want, not the way you want.

sdreelin says:

FYI, the site doesn't seem to read right if you use FireFox Mobile to check. Works with the Chrome browser fine.

D13H4RD2L1V3 says:

Working on a One M7.

Frankly, if your phone runs Android 4.3 and above, you should be fine.

snocone says:

and when they say 4.3 do they mean 4.4.3?

D13H4RD2L1V3 says:

No. Jelly Bean 4.3.

Also, apparently, you'll need Bluetooth 4.0.

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thatguy97 says:

Is it compatible with 1.6 with motoblur

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 or Samsung galaxy S5

Definitely compatible but I am looking to check out the Galaxy Gear Solo in July or upcoming Gear 3 with the Galaxy Note 4 in October.

Either way for 199 dollars the Gear Live sold through the play store is a drop in the bucket for me.

Definitely a extra item I will purchase down the road.

From my Galaxy Note 3 via Android Central App

jeddo45 says:

Lol! You sound just like him!

Brought to you by the Nexus M8

Akshay Sihag says:

I got a yay :) :D

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Andro10 says:

SGS4 running 4.4.2 is compatible!

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snocone says:

i am running 4>4>2 on my htc one 7

should it be compatible?

both firefox and chrome say no

abtxpress says:

Yah for note 3

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InGale says:

I have Galaxy S3, running Android 4.3. On Firefox it says I have Android, but it's not compatible with Android Wear; on Chrome and on Dolphin it says everything is OK.

adamh31 says:

My wife's Galaxy S2 on 4.3 says yes but it definitely doesn't have Bluetooth 4. Is there a definitive answer on Bluetooth requirements for these watches yet? Are they built with dual mode BT4 chipsets? (Please someone say yes!)

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Jamookie says:

Can't say for sure, but I can tell you if it's going to use anything other than the new low energy standards in 4.0, the watch's battery likely won't last more than a few hours. With the power consumption being anywhere from 1% to 50% max of the old, even if it's a power hog on 4.0, the battery would only last half as long on any older Bluetooth. If it's designed for fairly efficient 4.0 battery use, you're looking at 3 day charge lasting half a day.