Video on the HTC One

Your HTC One has one of the best LCDs in the business, and some pretty amazing front-facing stereo speakers. Put it to the test with the new trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug that director Peter Jackson is sharing. 

The movie should be epic, but watching the trailer on one of the premiere entertainment devices out there is pretty epic in its own right. Click through to give it a look.

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Watch The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Trailer 2 on YouTube


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Here's a great way to show off that HTC One screen and BoomSound


You're right. It does look and sound amazing on my Sprint HTC One, now rocking 4.3. Eat your heart out, customers of other US carriers. Na na na na na...

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"Eat your heart out, customers of other US carriers."

Converted my TMob to Dev Edition. I've had 4.3 via OTA for some time now.

Welcome to the party; A little late, but at least you made it. :)

I been rooted for sometime now. I've also had 4.3 ages ago. :) Slimbean 4.3, Had this bad boy running for at least a month now. Glad you made it to the party though.


Not the same as an OTA. Anyone can flash a ROM.

(I've been running the latest version via ROMs the moment they came out. OTa's just "feel" better though.)

Side note: ARHD's Sense Toolbox works great on the OTA.

So there.

meanwhile @ verizon...uhhh you gots a blue HTC One. Be happy!!

verizons HTC One probably wont get 4.3 for at least 6 more months!!


Me and my blue HTC One........or is it my blue HTC One and I........whatever. We're quite happy.

And I thought I would never say this but I'm quite happy with Verizon.

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Yeah...I was excited for 4.3 too, until I realized that my Jawbone UP app now only works intermittently. Makes me wonder what else is now gone. For what it came with, I'm kinda regretting the "upgrade".

Sure, an amazing movie if you don't care about the book.

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Not gonna lie, I kinda expected to hit the jump and see a video of the trailer playing on an HTC One... Time for another cup!

I was expecting a rick-roll.

Pleasantly surprised...

(I mean, really..."Turn up your speakers, guize and watch this great video!"...totally sounds like a Rick-Roll's on it's way.)

Looks amazing on a full 1080p 5.2 screen rocking full surround sound in my tractor. Lg G2

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Well, since I'm outside and I have a gs3, I can't hear it or see the darn thing. The HTC is a cool phone, but damn Boomsound is a horrible name!

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That's a MOVIE trailer? I thought it was a screenshot of an Infinity-Blade-like game :S I haven't watched the trailer but I do hope the movie doesn't end up that 'plasticky'. I know I will not make the same mistake of seeing it in 48fps when it comes out ¬¬'

That was crap. Not the trailer itself, but the fact that I hit fullscreen and I was still seeing my notification bar at the top. Usually never see that. Sound was fine.

Meanwhile, back on topic, be sure not to blow out your "Boomsound" speakers like my girlfriend did while showing off her cool new HTC One. Not cool anymore. She can't even hear a caller on the phone.

Interesting. I didn't know that the external audio is transmitted through the same channel and speakers as the external audio for notifications, ringtones, and sounds. Interesting nonetheless.

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What you should really do is download the 60fps trailer in 1080p, that's really gorgeous to watch

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