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We love Wind-Up Knight, there's little other way of saying it. While not everyone is a fan of it's pricing structure, no-one can deny that it has been gaining massive recognition since its release. 

For the developers, Robot Invader, this was their first foray into the mobile application world. In an interview with the AndroidDevelopers YouTube channel, they go into a bit of the back story behind the game and talk about their experiences developing for the Android platform. Long and short of it, they liked it! 

Check out the video after the break. If you've still to try the game for yourself, check out our review and hit the break for the video. 


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Watch the story behind Wind-Up Knight


The pricing structure may be annoying, but the total cost for all four books is $5. 97, which is not at all unreasonable. I definitely got that much enjoyment out of it.

poo won't load on samsung fascinate, well if my google nexus ever show up for sale ....... there is one with my name on it somewhere...