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We saw just yesterday that Beautiful Clock Widgets was updated to support Android 4.2's new lockscreen widget functionality, and now HD Widgets is following today with its own update. There are many to choose from, and the update includes 11 new widgets in total -- 5 for the phone and 6 for the tablet -- for you to customize your lockscreen with.

We'll surely see more developers update their apps with this functionality as Android 4.2 gets onto more devices out there. For now, there are a couple good ones to choose from at least. HD Widgets will only set you back $1.99, and is available at the Play Store link above.



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HD Widgets updated with Android 4.2 lockscreen compatibility


In the screenshot on the right, how're there two Widgets on one screen?
I'm pretty sure there's no single large widget like that..

Question about lockscreen widgets in general. It looks like the HD Widgets are toggles - i.e. activated by a single touch. Isn't the whole point of 'swipe to unlock' gestures that you don't want a simple touch to activate stuff on your lockscreen when the phone's sitting in your pocket?

Or do these lockscreen widgets require you to touch-and-drag in order to activate?

Never mind. It turns out you swipe down on the clock to expose the toggles. So they're not active when the phone's in your pocket.

I bought HD Widgets during the 25¢ sale, and just noticed this last night. I have to remove an EAS (ActiveSync profile) email account from my user to restore the "Add widgets" and scrolling lock screen funciton.

I've found a few interesting "quirks" with this app. The toggles (at least some of them) work while the screen is locked. I need to tinker a bit more, but the Airplane mode and some other switches would be Cool(TM) while traveling.

I also did a search while the screen locked, asking the Google-demoed "What year was BACK TO THE FUTURE released?" and Google Search read back the answer. When I unlocked, Google Now was active underneath.

Some of this is probably 1.0 release syndrome ... works now, until the developers get a handle on the security and functionality ramifications of all this.