The long-awaited feature of HDMI video out is finally making its way to both the HBO Go and MAX Go Android apps. Users that have a a cable subscription including HBO or Cinemax can now connect their phones to TV's and monitors for video playback from the apps on the larger screen, without any restriction. This is a big deal for such a large content provider to offer the functionality, which really shouldn't have been left out in the first place.

You can grab a download of the latest version of HBO Go a the Play Store link above, and you can find MAX Go right here as well.

Thanks, CarlD!

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zachavm says:

would it not work with normal screen duplication? was it being blocked? Couldn't that be gotten around?

Darth Mo says:

It originally blocked it. If you had an HDMI device and tried to play something out wouldn't work until you disconnected it.

zachavm says:

is that device dependent at all?

sushiguy732 says:

I am shocked that they didn't take this opportunity to make the Max Go app, tablet compatible. HBO Go has been for a long time and they are both basically the same app. Epic fail!