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Here's our first look at the major update to Google+ for Android 2.3 and above -- and it's a doozy. Mobile Hangouts are seamless and awesome, though you can only join a Hangout -- not initiate one.

The notification settings are a must. Basically, we're getting even more excited about Google+. Check it out.

And if you're looking to circle all of your favorite Android central writers on Google+, here's a handy list:


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Hands-on with mobile Hangouts and the Google+ update


I doubt that they are going to expand it to 2.2 because the gtalk webcam chatting in 2.3 isn't there for 2.2. I would root it, one click methods are really simple.

We can't initiate Hangouts yet? This severely limits the coolness. But I'm sure that update is coming at some point.

Not being able to start a hangout on mobile still makes this a useless feature. None of my friends or family sit at a PC at home anymore everything is on google phones...

It doesn't work on my EVO running CM7.
It will show the hangout, but it says that I need a front facing camera, so it will not show me the Hangout button. I guess the only thing that I can do is text.
Funny that it doesn't recognize the Front Camera.

You can only join a hangout in progress. So if one pop up on your stream you can join it while using your device.

Android Central should start doing their podcast from there. They have a new feature where you can do a live stream. ...Plus it just makes sense (Google and Android).

Did they fix that annoying bug where it would pop up out of nowhere while you were in the middle of something? Just to remind you it's there?

I hatted that.