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Here's our first look at the major update to Google+ for Android 2.3 and above -- and it's a doozy. Mobile Hangouts are seamless and awesome, though you can only join a Hangout -- not initiate one.

The notification settings are a must. Basically, we're getting even more excited about Google+. Check it out.

And if you're looking to circle all of your favorite Android central writers on Google+, here's a handy list:

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sallykoinu says:

Daw, any word on it heading to 2.2 or am I going to have to root my epic for this?

etnpnys says:


TyGamer says:

I doubt that they are going to expand it to 2.2 because the gtalk webcam chatting in 2.3 isn't there for 2.2. I would root it, one click methods are really simple.

roose21 says:

Can you start a Hangout on your phone??

etnpnys says:


belogical says:

That ruins the whole experience. I wonder why?

jhotmann says:

Needs to be a way to initiate a hangout from mobile...only being able to join sucks

belogical says:


bkj216 says:

We can't initiate Hangouts yet? This severely limits the coolness. But I'm sure that update is coming at some point.

icebike says:

Still not enough here to drag me into Google+.

Social media is so over.

ScottJ says:

What's going to replace it? Asocial freaks living in their basement media?

BarneyDroid says:

Is there away to initiate it from your phone?

etnpnys says:


BarneyDroid says:

BOO! I have got to find something to do at work! haha

belogical says:


etnpnys says:

Can somebody send me an invite?


Ronindan says:

It can also work on tablets.

rbohica4 says:

Can you start a hangout on tablets?

bganga says:

Not yet.

reddragon72 says:

Not being able to start a hangout on mobile still makes this a useless feature. None of my friends or family sit at a PC at home anymore everything is on google phones...

belogical says:


just combine Hangout & Talk already.

call it, "Loiter"

and prosper :)

scooterman1 says:

It doesn't work on my EVO running CM7.
It will show the hangout, but it says that I need a front facing camera, so it will not show me the Hangout button. I guess the only thing that I can do is text.
Funny that it doesn't recognize the Front Camera.

Ronindan says:

You can only join a hangout in progress. So if one pop up on your stream you can join it while using your device.

hotzb22 says:

me neither :-(

Go Android! says:

Android Central should start doing their podcast from there. They have a new feature where you can do a live stream. ...Plus it just makes sense (Google and Android).

cmccoo says:

I completely agree, this totally sucks if you can't launch if from your phone, WTF..

thesavo says:

Did they fix that annoying bug where it would pop up out of nowhere while you were in the middle of something? Just to remind you it's there?

I hatted that.