LG Optimus 2X

The magic smartphone fairy just dropped off quite the present -- the LG Optimus 2X -- aka the world's first dual-core Android smartphone.

First impressions -- and we're talking very, very initial here -- are quite good. The phone itself is a big black slab. At 4.48 inches tall and just 0.43 inches thick, it's a bit lanky. But it's a really nice feel. Long and lean, with just enough heft.

The 4-inch touchscreen (at 480x800 pixels) is quite gorgeous. The front of the phone is completely smooth, with no buttons, ridges or anything else to mess with the flow. The capacitive buttons are in the menu-home-back-search configuration and are stenciled onto the phone, so there's no hunting for them. The LG logo's front and center, next to the front-facing camera.

The battery cover takes up the entire rear of the device, with LG's logo, the "with Google" moniker and an 8-megapixel camera with flash. Open the battery cover and you have the 1500mAh battery, SIM card slot and mircoSD card slot. You can swap out SD card without removing the battery, but not the SIM card.

The bottom bezel houses the microUSB port and dual speakers. Up top is the power button, HDMI-out port (with a nice little cover) and the 3.5mm headphone jack.

But really, it's what's under the hood that's really piqued our interest. Dual core processor. Say it again. Say it with us. Dual. Core. Processor. Oh, and 1080p playback and recording. Dual. Core. Processor.

We'll have plenty more on the Optimus 2X in the coming days, including a full review. For now, check out the pics after the break. (Update: Now with video!)

YouTube link for mobile viewing

LG Optimus 2X
LG Optimus 2X

LG Optimus 2XLG Optimus 2X

LG Optimus 2XLG Optimus 2X

LG Optimus 2XLG Optimus 2X


Reader comments

Hands-on with the LG Optimus 2X


If only it didn't have that custom UI on it then I would be completely sold. I guess that's one of the problems with Android, manufactureres can do whatever they want with their phones and Google won't say anything about it.

Looks nice. I just don't like the way the camera is "poking" out and acts like a foot. I think it should be recesses as not to be the only thing touching the surface of whatever you have the device on.

Seems like the glass will get scratched up before any other part of the phone.

With you on that. I'd have to get an extended battery just for the battery cover to help with that (hopefully). This is the only phone that really attracts my attention other than my EVO. It will probably never come to Sprint.

Please tell me someone is working on finding a way to get that super slick Weather/Clock widget to work on other devices! :)

I got the optimus 2x system dump! .. the 'todaybriefing' widget works perfectly on my lowly Commtiva N700, i have it set to just do weather, it looks identical to the dedicated weather widget (which won't run!)

What networks in North America will this work with. If this is compatible with Telus, I will definitely be thinking about an import.

I can't wait for your review!

Is that a stand on the back?

Edit: What interface does it use? (Sense / blur etc)

LG Optimus has a AT&T sim card in it. This phone runs on the HSPA+ network and AT&T has slow data speeds on that network unless you are under a tower. Is AT&T's network going to be able to give the customer the kind of service this phone deserves? I was hoping this phone would also have the T-Mobile's HSPA+ network, I get sick DL and UL speeds on T-Mobile's HSPA+ network and this phone needs that kind of network speed. I saw a video on youtube from a LG rep saying this device was coming to T-Mobile, I hope this is true.

all i see is a wireless icon. and it's been confirmed the euro version only carries tmo/att 2g bands. and it hasn't been announced in the states yet. so not sure how you think this is hspa. unless i've missed some recent news?

Looks good but I hate that it has a custom UI on it. All that means is that the phone will take longer to update to the next version of Android. Sad sad.

They let slip any carrier branding on this? :p

Still, I can't help but read the specs and sigh. The Atrix/Bionic really set the bar with the almost 2000MAh battery and the qHD display, not to mention the Atrix's 1Gb of ram. Then I think "Locked bootloader" and just want to cry.

Note to manufacturers, make me an atrix, I can even live without the docking features, but without that likely to be locked bootloader.

Sprint better have something really great they are hiding for that industry first. Seems every other service has the best phones.

Yeah it was before all these superphones started to come out and/or announced for every carrier except SPRINT

Last year, the EVO was the best phone on the market, but now there is Dual Core, more memory, Hopefully HDMI Mirrioring, and hopefully a CDMA version of this phone (although nothing indicates there would be). Same thing with the Atrix. AT&T and maybe T-Mo

EVO is still the best phone out..spec for spec, in my opinion..it depends on what you need in a smart phone. There are alot of people that have way too much phone for their uses. If you can't feel the difference between single and dual core...why pay the difference. On a crappy network dual core can feel like dial-up

I am on the Old Alltel/New Alltel-ATNI. I think we have you beat in the crappy phone department. If the Merge actually shows up I may take that back.

I WANT ONE BAD FOR SPRINT!!! Please have something special coming on February 7th!!! I'm a Day 1 PALM PRE owner and I want a Android superphone to come out so I could make the Jump to the Green Machine which is ANDROID!!! My girl has the Evo and brother has the Epic, so I want to blow them out of the park with the next great phone

This phone is the minimum spec phone I will purchase this year. So unless something better comes out before this Optimus 2X, I'll be all over it on release day, here in the states!

If it is anything like the other LG phones i have had and it requires the 3ggp format for ringtones and crap i wouldn't bother with it.

So you would walk away from a dual processor phone just because prior phones from that company required a specific ring tone format, even though you know ring tone conversion takes like 3 seconds with any number of free utilities?

Will the experience i had with other LG phones make me walk away from this phone even with the dual processor....YES! And no it wasn't just the ringtones there was a lot more things i had issue with.

Other manufacturers are coming with their dual core too...i can wait.

I am very happy to see the handsets getting dual processors so quickly i cant wait to see what happens next...electronics are moving at a very rapid pace.

One of the benefits of dual core is that your phone works faster with less effort which "saves" battery... not uses more battery. And Both processors do not work simultaneously all the time... they "turn themselves off" when only one is needed to produce a certain workload at a certain "pace". Dual core saves battery not increases battery usage. But it will take more than a dual core phone to "make" me drool. Check this... ya dual core is great..but then ur loosing a third of that gorgeous disply to just blank space around the phone and the bottom quarter...not even being used?.. 8mp camera...sorry i love my 10mp on my evo. Finally.... a network can make or break a really nice phone. But I don't see this as the top of the line for dual core phones...just the beginning... lets keep out tongues in our mouths for a few more months. You all know how this game goes...thats how so many got suckered into the Iphone... no patience...

Dual core means nothing without a decent battery life. The fact that motorola is going to use a larger capacity battery makes one wonder about the usage.

Story says Dual Speakers, but I can't find any tech specs that confirm this.

Is it for sure that both ports on the bottom are speakers? One may be a mic, just like the iPhone.

What kind of reputation does LG have in terms of support and updates for it's Android devices? Is it HTC-good or Samsung/SE-bad? What's the difference between this and the Revolution coming later to Verizon?

the specs on this thing are a consumer's dream! now if only Google would make a phone with these exact specs and stock vanilla Android! *cough* Nexus *cough* :) lol

Can someone explain to me why phones that have kick butt specs like this and the bionic still are choppy with regards to the OS compared to the nearly 1 year old iphone 4? Really bums me out.

"Choppy" in what way? If you're referring to the app drawer scrolling, it's not that bad. On my Evo, I hardly ever see it. One of the big things Google's working on for Android 3.0 is direct hardware acceleration of the UI.

If, on the other hand, your just an Apple-loving troll, the answer is that Android is a far more sophisticated OS than iOS, is still fairly new, and Google has to deal with literally dozens of different hardware specs (instead of just 2 or 3) for Android, so getting everything working perfectly takes a bit more effort. Apple did manage to avoid these problems by keeping everything in house, but that also means that with Apple you have zero choice about anything in regards to the phone.

This is so cool, Android Central is probably the first English language site to get this phone and the first to give it a full review soon. So great to know that it will be done properly and not from someone else at engadget.

This phone is impressive. However, I would like a little information on the battery life. At least I see that it has a replaceable battery like my Epic 4G. With the high powered dual core processor, I am concerned about battery life. My Epic is good enough for me (except for battery life and no Froyo)and I love it, unless something really impressive comes along.

Once Android has full support for SMP (multiple processors), we should see battery life improve by about 20-30%.

Processors like the ones in our phones work by "scaling-down" to a lower clock speed whenever possible to use as little voltage as possible. Look at it like this: your single-core 1Ghz processor has to run full speed to due a job that takes 30 seconds. a dual-core 1Ghz processor can run each core at 600Mhz (0.6Ghz) to do the same job in 18 seconds. That means the processor is drawing less power for a shorter amount of time. = Automatic battery savings :)

Unfortunately, Honeycomb (3.0) will be the first version of the OS to fully support SMP and we won't be seeing an official release of that until sometime this summer. Maybe about July or August, would be my guess. The guys here probably have more of an inside scoop than I do, though ;)

@Phil Nickinson about the UI being choppy: I'm going to have to blame that on LG's Launcher. I've got a Veiwsonic G-Tablet running VEGAn 5.1 Beta with ADW Launcher EX and it scrolls liquid silk smooth using EX's screen transition effect number 3.

LG probably just needs to do a little more optimization on their UI. Or you can try dropping ADW on this thing and try that out.

Just an FYI.

PLEASE go into detail about the battery life when you do the review video! I want so see if the the future of Android devices will have better battery life :D

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    Holiday: 21 Ways To Save On Your Holiday Shopping

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