As much as we love Android Market, we know it has some weaknesses. The categories could be a bit more specific, the reviews could still be better, and well, the search feature needs to be more exact. Luckily, the Android Team is hard at work and listening to user complaints.

In an Android Discussion Group, Google's Dan Morrill are looking to improve Android Market by adding some cool features:

  • Separate category for themes
  • Adding more sorting options
  • Creating a desktop/web version of Android Market

Though these features are simply some ideas being tossed around by the Android Team, it is good to know that Google is keeping an ear on the community. Android Market is a great way to deliver applications to users but it definitely needs to get better. Of the listed ideas, we would absolutely LOVE to use a web version of Android Market--browsing apps would be so much easier.

What do you guys think? How would you improve Android Market?



Reader comments

Google Wants To Make Android Market Better


I would LOVE a desktop version of the Android Market.
They can back up our apps, and knowing Google they would add other back up services. So it would be really cool.
Maybe have a deal with Amazon to sell AmazonMP3 and Movies, and stuff? Too far fetch? Ok i'll shut up now. :3

I would add a feature to only show apps based on location. It would be nice to get off of the plane say in San Fransisco, and go to the market and tap a GPS icon and all of a sudden only apps regarding a specific region (user defined) would pop up. It would make it easier to find things relevant to your area as well making them stand out more especially since the demographic probably won't be that large.

I want a date when this application was uploaded or updated on the main list. This way, I could choose "Display by Date" and know where to stop rather than trying to remember what app was there last and hope it hadn't been updated in the meantime.

SCREEN SHOTS! and demos.. Google is a search engine, so why not have links to external reviews. Additional rankings based on recent activity - sort of "This weeks/months top 10" in each category. Now the oldest apps have the highest rankings. Sort by last update date - I often find apps that look promising but hold off on installing them until they are updated - of course they then disappear into the mix and I never see them again.