Google Voice

The Google Voice app has been updated in the Android Market. The updated includes, among other enhancements, a new widget and a fix for delayed SMS and voicemail notifications.

Here is the full list of changes --

  • Does not require data connectivity for making calls to all numbers you previously called
  • Warns you when no data connectivity before you compose/send text messages
  • Fix for bug that required to click the voicemail play button twice
  • Fix for notifications delays for SMS and voicemails

There's also a new widget included with this update -- a larger Inbox widget displays your most recent text messages is available now. It's always great to see an update for Google Voice so head on to the Market to get the latest version, or use our links after the break.


Reader comments

Google Voice updated, provides fix for delayed SMS and voicemail notifications


Sorry for such a newbie question, but how do you call out from your Google Voice # & have it show on someone's caller id screen? Is that possible from the app? Right now I don't have the app on either my Droid X or my wife's Droid 2 because reviews I have read seemed to say that the app is pretty intrusive on the phone's native functions (like SMS & dialer).

with VOIP you can't have call id show the number you are calling from. It will pretty much always show a number out of California I think, but I have been using it a while and it's not intrusive at all in my opinion. It's a separate number that you use so I can't see it invading calls or texts on your regular number. The only possible negative is that you have to use the google voice app to send text messages so other apps that send texts won't work (so far as I know).

The text message part of your comment isn't necessarily accurate. I have been using the google voice app on my phone for quite some time and have never used it's text messaging feature. I always use Handcent SMS for my texting and it comes from my Verizon number. Now, if you have the Sprint integration with Voice, then I have no idea how that works.

At the Google Voice website, go to Voice Settings (the gear icon in the upper righthand corner), click the Calls tab and under Caller ID (Outgoing), select Display Google Voice Number. I think that should do what you want.

I actuallly like the voice app. I have my Voice account set to handle my voice mail. This is nice because I get a trascribed (rough sometimes) of the messages within the app itself. i don't have to pay extra for verizon visual voicemail. You don't have to text through the app and it doesn't prevent you from using your Verizon # to text using native SMS or 3rd party. I liked it when I was in Mexico as I could text through the app using my GVoice # over WiFi and not get charged extra. You can even set the defaults to never even use Voice to dial out (or choose each time, or always use voice). I think it's definitely worth using.

I use a app called voicechoice and it will allow you to assign routing rules per contact if you want to use Google voice or your standard cell number.

Thanks for the suggesting the voice choice app. I've been looking for something like this for a little while.

If you want to show your Google voice ID to show, you need to go to the Google Voice widget and click the third icon to the right(it looks like a phone receiver in a blue background) and choose either always use Google Voice or prompt with each call. If you then dial a number a pop up will ask if you want to sue Google Voice or not (if you choose prompt with each call), if you use Voice with the call, the other number you are calling will show your Google Voice number.

I am wondering where the tablet version is. Navigating the web interface on a tablet isn't the best experience... and notifications would be nice too.

I actually managed to load this update on my Wi-Fi 3.2 Xoom and it has the tablet UI like the recent Reader update

Cool. Just did the same, transferring from my Nexus one to my Acer Iconia. Great way to send sms text messages from the tablet.
The widget is re sizable on honeycomb.

just an FYI I just went ahead and sideloaded this onto my Xoom and they have enabled some honeycomb features!!! it is not setup like a true honeycomb app but it is definitely different. They also enabled background syncing so no more waiting 5 minutes for it to refresh.

Sweet. The delays were very annoying. Was starting to use my regular texting instead of google voice. Proper Honeycomb support will be nice. Or I'll take it in ICS on my XOOM.

Proper honeycomb support would be what?

If you move the .apk to honeycomb it works properly - as best it can without the ability to make phone calls.

Do look forward not having to sideload the app on the tablet. But I still to this day don't understand why they haven't given you the option to combine messages from the same contact into 1 thread. That is my really only major annoyance using GVoice, I integrated with my Sprint account, so I deal with it. And there were multiple times where I had issues sending messages where it would just hang on sending message. Hopefully that at least is fixed by this update. But I more than anything wish I could combine my threads!

Is anyone else NOT getting GVoice notifications if you have SMS enabled via the messaging app (so not GVoice only)?

@Geoffking74 Thanks for the suggesting the voice choice app. I've been looking for something like this for a little while.

Meanwhile google Voice is STILL!?!? missing MMS. Which requires me to still hand out my normal cell # to my friends so they don't wonder WTF is this picture from a number I don't know.

Seriously is it just me or does ALL of google's various services seem to be missing key components. NOTHING other then maybe gmail and Maps are the complete package.

Your friends don't know your normal cell#? If they have phones that can receive MMS messages, can't they store both of your numbers in there?

I never really had a problem with delayed notifications before. After I installed this update, the notifications either don't appear, or they appear and disappear, before I act on them. Has anybody else noticed this?