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When the final version of Android 4.2 rolled out to Nexus devices yesterday, Google Voice users noticed a nasty bit of incompatibility between the new software and the app. Whenever a new text message was created and a recipient added, the app would come crashing to a halt, preventing messages from being sent.

Fortunately Google's acted swiftly to address this issue, and a new version of the Google Voice app is available right now from the Google Play Store. The new version fixes the issue, so your shiny new Nexus 4 (assuming you were able to pick one up) should be fully compatible with Google's telephony service.

You can grab the latest version of Google Voice for Android at the Play Store link above.

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Insp_Gadget says:


BartmanJax says:

While this should have never happened in the first place, hats off to Google for the quick fix.

ps4rh says:

Not that I mind, but will this ever be rolled out in Canada?

brendilon says:

Great news! Bugs happen, not everyone fixes them in a timely manner though or accepts responsibility (Apple would have told us we were holding it wrong). Good to see it fixed, this was a deal breaker for me and many others on 4.2.

Blah says:

Glad they sorted that out quick since I was having issues on 4.2 with my Verizon Galaxy Nexus.

Oh wait....

Slashdpc says:

Now, and only now will I OTA update my GNex. Glad to see this was quickly fixed, and thank you Android Central for reporting it in the first place.

capt.ron says:

Thanks for fixing

UniR says:

I bet another update will closely follow this one. Force closing now happening on 4.1.2 with the update.

PWC Realtor says:

Did everyone else have to go through setup again after the update?

Gekko says:


drPheta says:

It would have been nice of them to throw in MMS support and integrate it into Voice actions. Sigh.

sddfdds says:

great, except too bad my takju nexus is stuck in retarded staggered update limbo...

mwilkins: yes

woodbane says:

This is encouraging to see. Coming from Windows Phone I read things like this and let out an almighty sigh, if only they could release patches this fast on that platform they might gain some traction.

Looking forwawrd to my LGN4 arriving.

Now I can't change the number back and forth on my samsung note 2, the widget dissapeared....

and it crashes.. it it is terrible