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The newly redesigned Google+ app for Android just keeps getting better. This most recent update brings improvements to hangouts, allowing younger users to initiate them and all users to watch hangouts on air. Most notable when you first open the newly update app, you will see a grey bar at the top of the window with sharing options. This is a welcome addition that saves you that one extra tap when you want to share a post.

In addition, the new version has floating timestamps in photo view. For those of you getting frustrated with spam in the new "events" feature, the ability to report abuse straight from the app has been added as well. We've got a couple screenshots of the new UI after the break, and you can follow the Play Store link above to grab the update for yourself.

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Google+ updated with hangout improvements


The previous UI was amazingly good but now.... Now, I don't know how they did it but it's gotten even more amazing. Well done Google.

I wish more people would see the light and switch to google+ and dump Facebook already...... Google+ is so much better

The sharing tools of G+ blow Facebook away, but the real kicker for me is the mobile platform. Facebook is so damn pitiful at making a half decent mobile app it's absurd.

Add bluetooth device support to hangouts please!!!!!!!!!! Sick of not being able to use my headset for these things. It makes no sense.