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New gesture support and improved language recognition from handwriting and images

The latest version of the Google Translate app is making it even easier to have conversations between languages. The latest update, which will begin rolling out to users today, makes it easier to converse with someone by just activating the app then turning the phone between two people. You now simply select the languages you'd like to translate between, tap the microphone and speak your sentence or phrase, and turn it to the other person.

Gesture support detects when you turn to the other person, and translates what you said, then prompts them to speak back to you. Once you get going back and forth, the experience will be much more conversational than before, hopefully lowering the boundaries of speaking to someone in another language.

For times when you want to translate written input, the latest update also expands handwriting input to Hebrew, Greek, Javanese and Esperanto. If you don't want to write, you can always capture text with your phone's camera and translate any selected portion if you'd like — now supporting Malay and Ukranian.

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Google Translate improving conversational translations, expanding language support


Its nice but the it doesn't work too well. I've had Spanish for 8 years but I don't sound like I'm native however when I said a full sentence it didn't really work out

Posted via Android Central App

Probably because you, uh, don't sound native?

How on earth do you expect the technology to account for your accent when it's made to pick up how the foreign language sounds?

You have to have correct pronunciation for any of this to work as well as it's capable of working. Otherwise, as in situations like yours, it is more of a fun little app to toy around with.

I can't pronounce any french correctly at all, so it's just a fun thing there. However, my Japanese pronunciation is spot-on, and it works every single time during my conversations with my international students from Japan at my college.

I like the new styling, and the phrasebook feature is really handy for me whilst I'm learning nederlands.

Posted via Android Central App

This has always been one of the most useful apps from Google for me, and with each update I love it more and more. :-)