Most – if not all – of us have purchased an application (Beautiful Widgets anyone?) at some point that wasn't priced in U.S. dollars. Well, Google heard our pleas (as well as every other nation's, too), and the market now automatically approximates the price of a foreign app in in your native currency before you press the "purchase" button. As you scroll through the endless list of apps, free or paid, you'll now be able to see the converted price . Look for the telltale sign of an app that has had its price converted, a little tilde "~" denotes if the price displayed is an approximate. Worry no more about foreign prices and be free all you market shoppers! Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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Google takes the guesswork out of buying foreign apps


I thought that was just the way it was when the paid Market was activated here today, but I guess not. Good thing they're improving it though.

Stockholm, Sweden. I noticed the paid apps coming online around 2 PM GMT today, was a real surprise. Albeit a welcome one. :)

Will it still bill your credit card in foreign currency? My credit card will not allow transactions foreign currency.

This is a minor, cosmetic improvement at best. I've never been more than a few cents off when converting currencies in my head. Can we stop being compete morons?

This for your eyes only. One will still need to contact their financial institution to drop any blocks on foreign blocks added as 'safety concerns' by your financial concerns proactively offered.

It should be painlessly annoying.