Google shutting down Orkut in September, focusing on Google+, YouTube, and Blogger

Google is shutting down Orkut, its original social network. Google says that this is due to to the fact that Orkuthas been greatly outpaced by YouTube, Blogger, and Google+ across the world, where Orkut only ever caught on in a few countries.

Orkut will remain operational in its current form until September 30. Current users will be able to export their profiles, posts, and photos using Google Takeout through September 2016. New account creation will cease today. Google is also creating an archive of all public communities. Users will have access to this archive following the shutdown. To remove your name or posts from Orkut permanently, you should remove Orkut from your Google account.

How do you feel about the shutdown of Orkut? Sound off below in the comments.

Source: Orkut blog


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Google shutting down Orkut in September, focusing on Google+, YouTube, and Blogger


I'm completely shocked it was still around!!! I tried it when it launched many years ago, but everyone on it was from South America, and my language is limited to English, so I bailed immediately.

What a shame. This was one of the first social sites I ever used and loved it. It was very popular in Estonia and helped me keep in touch with my friends there. Alas g+ is so much bigger and popular this was inevitable. You will be missed orkut.

If I've ever heard of Orkut, it was so long ago and so insignificant it's been entirely stricken from my memory.

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I don't want them to shut it down, but they integrated it too much into everything. I have to have a side account dedicated to posting Youtube comments, since I don't want Google+ enabled in my main account. For some reason I can't post comments on either Firefox or Chrome on either Windows or Linux, without any ads blocking, it only work with IE for some reason, and I'm not rebooting into Windows just to post YouTube comments, so I have to do it on my phone. Now that the YouTube app doesn't a dedicated tab for comments, it makes it even harder to read through.

In Android L, there isn't a Gallery app anymore. They want to do everything they can to force you to use Google+. My main Google account that I use to buy apps don't have Google+ so I haven't review any apps since.

Noone forces you to use it. You may have to sign into it for many Google sevices but if you're a Facebook, or other user, just go away and play with them.

Personally, I love G+ and many of my friends (real ones, not creepy online only ones) use it and love it too.

Never used it. Never figured out how to pronounce it.

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The hell is a Orkurt. Probably one of the few Google products I had no idea existed

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It's only beginning, I wouldn't be surprised if eventually everyone is required a Google+ account to activate Android devices and all games in the PlayStore required a Google+ account to play.

You used to not be able to even pick up an android device without signing into your Google account that failed because dealers used to create accounts for people and then they would never use their gmail and not be able to get back into the device.

I Can honestly say I have never even heard of it lol

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While Orkut isn't a big deal in most places, there are a few were it is. India I believe is a a strong user of Orkut.

I don't know how many pageviews Orkut gets, and how much money it makes for Google, but I doubt killing it off will work very well for Google.