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Changes to drive even more traffic to retailers before the holiday shopping season

Google is working to improve the shopping experience from search results on mobile, and the most recent improvements are coming to the set of top links after making a search. The group of pictures and associated links under "Shop with Google" are known as Google Shopping results, and they're getting a little more real estate in the search results page now.

Now when you search for products that Google Shopping has results for, instead of just two or three images at the top, you'll get a side-scrolling list of several results that match your request. In addition, the images and titles will now be larger, making it easier to see at a glance.

Google claims that the new format will drive more traffic to the participating retailers, and it's pretty simple math to see why that would be the case. These are big changes to drive even more traffic to retailers before the critical holiday shopping season.

Source: Google Commerce Blog

Google Shopping results


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Google Shopping results now larger, scrollable on mobile


I used to rely on Google shopping a lot, until they turned it into a bunch of ads. You can't rely on it to provide you the best prices any more. Every result it shows is a paid for ad. Who needs it?

Agreed. Sellers used to be able to feed it with their store products for free but now you have to pay.

I get that Google is a business and all businesses need revenue but this squeezes the little guys and only gets the ones with higher margins listing.

It's good for Google and those businesses and bad for everyone else.

Vowwwwwwwwww i am going right away to order lots of home appliances online from Panasonic as they are giving some lucrative discount offers on the diwali festive season.!!!!!!! Google Rocks. :)