New Project Glass YouTube channel starts up with an intro video for us all to enjoy, and wonder at

Despite being a long time out from the general consumer release of Project Glass, it's hard to deny that it's the hot ticket right now. The first units are in the hands of the lucky 'Explorers,' while the rest of us mere mortal, non-Glass wearing folks can simply look on in awe. 

We can at least get a look at the first in what's likely a series of tutorial videos for Glass released by Google, though. The new Project Glass YouTube channel has uploaded its first video, a getting started guide to Glass. We see a very quick, basic run through of how you operate it, and a look at the Google Now style card UI. It's exciting stuff, for sure, so if you're into Glass, be sure to keep an eye on the Project Glass YouTube channel. 

Source: Project Glass (YouTube)


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Google releases Glass intro video to help us all get started


I'm not that impressed. About as exciting as the watch from Apple and other rumors of a watch coming out. And wouldn't future events be to the right....seems backwards to me.

I guess if I have 3 photos and a couple friends it's easy to share using these things. But with dozens of friends and contacts, plus hundereds of pictures, imagine now sharing a photo with a friend.

Call me not impressed as of yet. Seems clunky to do much more than what Google Now display gives for information.

Yea I get what your saying.......older versions of Android were a pain to scroll through pictures. Gotten better, but I can't imaging scrolling through a few pages of pictures. It will be most likely used as a quick information like weather forecast and Augmented Reality, but already have that on Phones, so not sure. Not really impressed just another toy.

That the problem with the detractors-they look at what it does currently and ignore potential. Fortunately there are far more imaginative minds at work.

I would guess that you are able to filter you 800 facebook friends down to a few glass friends and probably the pictures are only the ones taken from glass, so I think, as you say, imagination is required, but some people imagine how something could work while others imagine how they wont work.

The ones imagining how they will work will win the day.

glass will probably have voice commands and voice to text for doing searches and stuff like that, just like how I am typing this response right now.

Is it me, or I just don't see a need for this? For one, anyone wearing glasses cannot use it, right? Second, all of the things Glass shows, I see on my N4. I don't see the need to walk around with this thing on my head. Yes, I use my N4 a lot, have a lot of photos/FB friends/appts/etc, but to wear something on my head to show me these things vs. a smartphone doesn't seem a real thing to use for me. And for the cost, forgetaboutit! I'm not paying $1k or more for this. LMAO

Dunno.. I'll just be laughing at people when I see these things on people's heads.. HAHAHAHA

I think they have something in the pipeline for people who wear glasses all ready if I remember correctly.

This is just the alpha stage of google glass. That's why people paid $1K for it. They are called developers for the most part. As Glass reaches its beta stage, you'll see a bigger implementation of apps and I'm sure lots of things will change between now and then.

The idea for this is great. You can walk around without looking like a tool staring at your phone and run into people. Instead, you look forward with full vision and all you need to see such as directions, tweets, emails, who's calling is right in your line of vision as well...without having to look up and down and potentially running into people.

No there isn't a lot to go off of right now with this device, but Android didn't start with all the apps it has now.

Actually you'll look like a bigger douchebag walking around with this. I will laugh everytime I see a tool with this stupid thing on. HAHAHAHA.. Keep paying that $1k and look like the poster boy for Queer Eye for the Str8 Guy..LMAO!

I think it is a great concept. The concern I have with them seems to be the same as everybody elses though. Once you have a lot of media to share and go through how easy will it be to find what you are looking for? Maybe they will incorperate a "Michael Jackson" glove so that you could use hand gestures to go through media much faster or, maybe voice commands.

I can see it now everybody walking around looking like absolute morons waving at nothing and talking to themselves oh wait this already happening. lol

You guys sound like the folks when the first smart phones came out with limited use. "I already have a cell phone and a computer with a much bigger screen - what do I need a "smart" phone for if it isn't very smart?"

Give it time to grow folks.

I don't think we had a true smart phone until the iPhone changed everything. Anything before hand sucked and was unusable, buggy and slow. And wasn't very smart at much of anything.

You see it as truth. But it's not, it's your opinion which is fine, but playing it off as truth makes you come off like you have tunnel vision.

@Illustrator Joe

Thanks a lot.

@cashxx was very technically and smoothly handled. world is changing so much faster day by day, specially people's attitude. Most of People always like to poke and insult and quarrel with others, it becoming a habit which is extremely bad habit, no doubt n this is called truth.

Thanks in Advance

Not all new technology is really useful and progressive. You sound like the folks who thought 3D TV would really be great. How many years later and it's still not matured to the point of any use. There was also HD DVD would be the next big thing, not.

There was also MSN Direct, and how about N-Gage and Rokr. Each was to be something big in the future, all were replaced by something more practical (just your everyday smart phone).

Who knows, maybe we'll all be geaky looking in the future, or perhaps we'll all have screens implanted in our eyes - the future of Lasik perhaps? :)

Isn't that the truth about 3D. I have seen one thing that amazed me and it was like 10 seconds of an underwater or ocean scene where the fish stuck out and felt like it was a foot from your face. If all 3D was like that it would be amazing! Not sure what they have to do, spend more time on converting it to 3D or what, but if everything looked like that or had more scenes like that it would be amazing and probably become popular. But most are dull and offer very little 3D action and the prices are outrageous for the movies and little or no 3D channels with providers.

completely agree man, I think if anything else does take off that looks impressive and can send us into the next decade tech is prolly the illumi room that Microsoft R&D is working on, look at this new vid they have up..


excellent words. i don't know but if you are not a tech guy then i have to say your thinking and sense is very good.

by the way, "I already have a cell phone and a computer with a much bigger screen - what do I need a "smart" phone for if it isn't very smart?" Impressive !!

Thanks in Advance

I think this an awsome product & it has HUGE potential! No dealing with a camera, video camera or smart phone to take pictures or video. You can be "in the moment" without having to concentrate on getting "the perfect shot". Caching say 10, 15, 30 seconds of video that enables you to go back & grab a frame would be sweet. I come from a generation when video cameras were HUGE things that you had to partially balance on you shoulder! Sliced bread baby! I'm going to Hawaii in three weeks & wish wish WISH this was avalable NOW!

i think if it runs through your phone sharing media to multiple people or photos can be done there i think the main point of the share feature is if you are mid conversation with someone and you want to show them something. On the topic of phones and glass id be really interested in what sort of links can be made between them like if you were looking at a webpage on your phone and you look at it while wearing glass could glass pick up that page and display it? Or if you were on your phone could there be a share option to share to glass? I think there is pretty much unlimited uses and possibilities for glass. You cant compare it to 3d tvs or the n-gage because they were existing products with additional features. This is an original product that is new and innovative. My main concern is initially what people will think of you when your wearing them, i say initially because apple will do something similar then all the hipsters will get smart glasses and smart watches and it'll be normal to wear smart glasses just as much as it is to wear a normal pair of glasses

I really hope there is a ring accessory or some other way of interacting created. reaching up to your temple every time you want to interact seems problematic. Not if something you put on your finger connected via bluetooth that would make interacting very easy.

Every demo video that I have seen has a short haired person or a person with their hair pulled back. How sensitive is the touch interface on the side? Is it too senitive so that long hair can activate it? If so, this could be a pretty big issue as many woman have long hair and some men as well.

Am I the only one that is confused with the cards to the left and right?

From the left is upcoming or now, To the right are from the past?

If I were reading a book from the left would be in the past and from the right would be in the future.