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TV shows from Google expands to only the third global location with Japanese availability

The slow, slow rollout of Google Play TV Shows continues, with the addition of Japan as just the third country in which the content is available. Having been a U.S. exclusive for so long, British customers were able to buy TV Shows as of August this year, and now the goodness expands over to Japan. Shows can be watched on the web, or via the Play Movies and TV app on your Android device. 

Beyond the kind of content we'd expect to see in the west, the Japanese Play Store also seems to be offering a host of local content as well. If you're over in Japan, hit up the Play Store now and take a look. 

Source: Google Play regional availability; via Android Police

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People actually BUY television shows???

Ed MacMar says:

Of course!.. Have you ever heard of Game of Thrones?

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I know people watch TV shows, I just wasn't aware they actually buy them.

No better than what I can from hulu Japan to be honest.
Still waiting for play music to become available, if ever.

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Clak says:

I'd like to take this moment to formally apologize to the people of Japan for some of those shows.

Chanlion says:

I am utterly shocked that no one has mentioned anything about who's on the screen or presented in Play TV...

alexlam24 says:

Octopus TV!
If you know what I mean

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