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Google TV owners will now be able to access all of their movie, TV, and music purchases from Google Play on the big screen. Purchases can be made directly on the system, and include options for auto-updating subscription billing. This is a long time coming, though some models, like one of Sony's, have already been dabbling in Play movies. In any case, it's good that this trove of content is getting a widespread rollout. 

How many of y'all own a Google TV? Have you been hurting for access to Google Play content, or have you been getting your shows from elsewhere? Those of you that don't have a Google TV, does improved access to Play store content make it any more appealing? It seems weird that it has taken this long for Play shows to find their way to Google's set-top system, but I'm sure it's been an uphill battle against cable and satellite service providers and the agreements they have with various studios. 

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Eh...what is it about google play that is so damn ugly? I like the brand itself, but the store seems so cluttered. I hope there is a better UI for its tv counterpart.

seinjunkie says:

I'm a GTV (Revue) user, but I'm certainly not alone in wishing the platform had more robust support. Not even counting Logitech's decision to bow out of the GTV ecosystem, there's no real excitement surrounding it. I keep thinking Boxee will come along and fix all of Plex's deficiencies with a paid GTV app, or that Amazon will really nail their video streaming interface.

But at least this move will tighten the (oddly still present) gap between owned/rented content on YouTube and GPlay. Maybe someday, it will all be one ecosystem.

Hand_O_Death says:

Another reason that I am annoyed that my CoStar would not work on my Westinghouse, forcing me to give it to my mother.
Hope they come out with a Roku app soon.

still1 says:

def more appealing. Glad this function came to GTV.
Is chrome available in GTV. that would be awesome too.

Torisen1 says:

Chrome is the browser that comes with GTV.

scg1981 says:

I'm not seeing it on my Revue. Anyone with a Revue able to make it work?

still1 says:

in the Google source it says "Google Play Movies, TV shows, and Music will be rolling out to your Google TV over the next few weeks."

so be patient.

Unibrow says:

In the meantime, side load the app from your phone. B-)

BigTex says:

Sideload frpm your phone how exactly?

Unibrow says:

Use Astro file manager to back up the play store and the play movies app and back it up to something like dropbox. Then download on your revue. I can watch all the content I've purchased now through the app on the tv just like I would if i were on my tab or phone.

Torisen1 says:

Can't wait to receive this update, been able to play movies through the YouTube App after an update last weekend but this looks like a much better update. Just checked both my Sony 40 inch 1st Gen and my 2nd Gen Sony box, no dice yet.

PhilipC#AC says:

This should have been part of Google TV from day one... Too late - the ship is sinking!

kirksucks says:

I'd like access to Play content on ANY smart TV. I would rent/buy way more stuff on Play if I didnt have to buy a new TV to get it.

Unibrow says:

you don't need to buy a new tv

Divegeek says:

I had heard that you could side load the apk for the Google Play movies and tv app a couple of weeks ago. Well I tried it yesterday on my Sony GTV and it worked. Was able to watch all the videos I've gotten from the Play Store over the last couple of months.

It is kind of sad that my brothers Bluray player has better support for streaming video than my GTV though.

BigTex says:

I am looking forward to this. My Revue has the optical Audio out that allows true audio streaming from my Amazon MPS collection. My have to give Google Music etc a try now.

I hate the fact that my new Vizio box doesn't have Audio out. Most new set-top boxes don't have audio out and that sux if you want to stream music through your system

DaEXfactoR says:

Yes, will definitely purchase more content, specifically movies and videos, from the Google Play Store if I can easily access it on my Revue.

for everyone bitching about waiting for the update to play movies from google play, you dont need the update just go to the market you have and do a search for google movies. download it and youll be watching your play content faster than you can say thank you can thank me below though

So is this just the TV and Movies app or a revamp of the Play store to look like the phone / tablet versions? Similar to what is shown in the article's picture above.