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An update is beginning to push out to the Android Market Google Play Store bumping it to build number 3.5.15. With it comes a change in the UI to the "My Apps" area, and some handy new features built into application reviews that bring it more into line with the desktop version. For us outside North America we also seem to have been renamed from "Play Shop" to the much better sounding "Play Store." 

The change to the "My Apps" area is the most obvious change brought with this latest update. Gone is the single -- and incredibly long in some cases -- list of old, and in comes a new tabbed interface in the same vein as the main store.  The installed tab is now split into two parts, the updates still showing at the top but the remainder are now labelled as "up to date" below. 

Swipe left and we now get the "All" tab. Handily this contains all the applications you've ever installed. Gone are the days of scrolling all the way to the bottom of your installed apps list to find your not installed paid apps selection. This also contains all the free applications you installed before but don't have currently. Everything is here. This tab also has a handy dropdown box at the top listing all your Google accounts, providing a much smoother and easier way of switching without having to go into the menus. 

Heading out into the main store, further changes can be found in the app reviews. Now the device on which the app on the device which the reviewer was using. Reviews can also be filtered by "most helpful first" or by "newest first," and also for the latest version of the app and for your type of device only. This last one could be particularly handy for anyone running Ice Cream Sandwich, since we still seem to have compatibility issues with some applications. 

One final thing to note. When I first started trying to download apps after the update, everything kept flashing up with "Error 941." Force stopping the app, clearing cache and starting again seemed to do the trick. Not great, but seemed to fix the issue at least. 

For a few screenshots hit the break. If you find any other features worth noting, shout out in the comments below.

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Google Play Store updated, new tabbed My Apps UI and app review features


wonder if it's ICS only... i haven't received it on my GS2 yet either... all the screen shots above are ICS... (looks like a Nexus)
just sayin'...

Please tell me this also updates tablets to now have a link back to the store listing on the my apps page. I like to read the what's new section prior to updating. But the tablet store has no display of what's new and no link to the store listing :'( so I have to manually search for the app.

Awesome thank you! Seems obvious now but they didn't give any visual clues to let us know its a link/ button.... poor design. Thanks again !

Can't get it here in Canada for some reason. Won't install on any of my devices (GNex, Gtab, Transformer (v1), Atrix)

Anyone have the .APK for it??

Edit ahh nevermind see posted just as I was asking. Tks

If we all just keep calling it the Market, can we just ignore this moronic name that makes the Android-platform seem like it's just for games?

Is there anyway to force the update? I tried the trick that worked for version 3.4.6 and 3.4.7 of clearing the app data and relaunching it through Play Music (or Books or Movies), but it didn't work for this latest update.

I guess I could just install the apk, but ... eh... I'm wearing my tin-foil hat and don't totally trust it.

Interesting , but the update from Android Market to Google Play Didn't let me download a single App or Even Update !!!! it was like that for almost a week , Now I've UnInstalled the update & went to the old version

Please can yo tell me how to download the goole play store on binatone homesurf, I cannot seem to be able to downloan eithe google play or the Android market app. Every time I try to download Android app from somewhere it go back to google, then states I have no dvices. Many thanks for any info giving.