Google Play Store with PayPal

Google is adding PayPal as a payment option for Play Store purchases starting today! Just tap through on a purchase and pick your new payment option. The roll-out is just starting today though, so it might take awhile to to live in your area. These are available in 12 countries, including U.S., Germany, and Canada. In addition, carrier billing and Play Store gift cards are getting expanded international support, so they're now available in 24 and 13 countries respectively. Speaking of currency and going international, developers can now sell in 13 new countries and added 28 new currencies.

Getting PayPal as a Play Store payment option is a big deal and a long time coming. Between this, carrier billing, and Google Wallet, there's just about every method of paying for apps you could possibly want. Increased international support is great too, of course.

Source: Android Developers Blog

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Does this mean you can now purchase from Google Play using the S5 finger scanner?

TomW093 says:

The first thing that popped into my mind.

benthe1 says:

Can we make purchases with Google wallet at a store that will be paid with our PayPal account?

If you get the PayPal debit card, you can do this already.

dwd3885 says:

Ditto. Hasn't rolled out to me yet so I'm not sure. Would love this.

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munnarg says:

Will you be able to use it to purchase hardware though?

mr_glass says:

No hardware or accessories - so meh..

Simon Sage says:

Don't think so.

shaytoon21 says:

oh my, this is trouble. anyone with bill me later will go on a never ending shopping spree. until they tap out.

FutureKix says:


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rawpower87 says:

S5 with soft screen buttons..

Posted via my HTC One M8

TomW093 says:

There are plenty of custom ROMs that allow for on screen keys.

rmkilc says:

I can't think of any custom ROM that gets rid of the physical buttons.

smader12 says:

Paranoid allowed me to have soft keys on my old galaxy s4

rmkilc says:

But did it make that physical home button fade away?

TomW093 says:

That'd be impossible. Not sure the point you're trying to make.

benthe1 says:

I thing he's saying he wants Samsung to finally make phones without hardware buttons. Getting rid of them gives more space for screen real estate while keeping the phone the same size.

rmkilc says:

Bingo! Yep, I was just proving a point. No software can get rid of those hideous and unnecessary physical buttons.

Boutchoo says:

I prefer hadware then soft ones.
Always accessible even in full screen apps and doesn't take useful screen space.

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But it's stock

rawpower87 says:

You don't even need a custom rom, if you have root you can install an app like softkey enabler. I was just pointing it out.

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matt3166 says:

So everyone who was complaining about comiXology dropping Google wallet can stop now right?

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espio says:

My main complaint with comiXology dropping Google Wallet support was the fact that I can no long use my gift cards for Google Play to purchase comics. Google adding PayPal as a payment option does nothing for me.

Grahaman27 says:

But what does this actually mean? Paypal is everywhere, how does it help having it in Google wallet? Serious question.

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arjen82 says:

You can now buy apps without a credit card; that opens up the Play Store to a large new group of customers in Europe

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cjbrigol says:

Oh shit this is huge!

dchawk81 says:

Did they stop the Free Song of the Day thing? I haven't seen any on the Music home page for about a week now.

xeroslash says:

I was wondering what I was going to do with my left over PayPal balance...

To the Play Store!

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treb1971 says:

In the UK you can't use Amex as a direct payment method with the Play Store.
If PayPal is coming to Play in the UK, this means I can now use Amex - ace!

someguy01234 says:

I was waiting for this, now I don't have to buy Google gift cards for my family account.

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tech_head says:

Get a PayPal debit card and use your PayPal balance.
Allow it to pull from a credit or debit card and you can use PayPal to buy hardware from Google.
I've had a PayPal debit card link to my Google account for a while. No money in PayPal means no purchases since I don't connect it to a credit card.

So this is a story, why?

xKrNMBoYx says:

Awesome, one less place to share my credit/debit card info. Or I can just buy a gift card when needed and not have more risk of someone buying with my money.

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FiretrUCK2k says:

Interesting that eBay doesn't allow Google Wallet for payments (just PayPal and a few other things most people don't even know exist), but that Google will now allow PayPal (eBay) on their Play Store.

Dizfunctions says:

Google had much more to gain by allowing PayPal.

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jc411 says:

nice. haven't used my PayPal in years.. been using Google play cards.

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nevetsca says:

Finally! Brilliant news!

zombie_Jesus says:

Yeah, great. Now we just require the 'purchase app for others' facility and all will be well.

Caveman419 says:

Sideloaded the new Play Store and the Paypal option is not there on my Verizon Note 3. SO I loaded it on my Wi-FI Note 10.1 and set up Paypal option. Now I have the Paypal method available that I set up on my tablet but not Paypal option at the very bottom.