Google Play Music All Access

Free for 30 days, €7.99 promotional deal if you sign up by Jan. 15

Almost four months after it first reached parts of Europe, Google Play Music All Access is now live in one of the continent's largest markets. From today Google's music subscription service is available in Germany where, as with previous launches, it's available to try for free for 30 days. And to tempt early adopters onboard, if you sign up by Jan. 15 you'll pay just €7.99 per month for the life of the subscription, versus the standard price of €9.99.

Signing up to Google Play Music All Access gets you access to Google's massive library of streaming music on the web at and through the Android and iOS apps. (It's also pretty easy to cancel the subscription at any time if you're not happy.)

If you're signing up today in Germany, join the comments after the break and let us know.

Source: Google Support; via: @arnehess


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Google Play Music All Access launches in Germany


It took a lot of self-control to not prefix the headline with "Good news, Canadians," :p

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In every new Google Music post on G+, the comments section is always spammed with complaining Canadians about not getting Music. It's so funny because we always expect this coming with every new country announced getting Google Play Music. Even Mexico has Google Music as of now.

When i "pinned" music on my device after buying it, it did so to the sd-card. Then, i was able to copy the files off the sd-card (have to name the files manually or through an app on my pc, but that is another issue).

The latest news before these were, that GoogleMusic has a new option to save cached files on sd-card instead of internal memory.
What i am wondering now is this:
If i subscribe, listen to music, cache it on my device... can i do exactly the same as i did with bought music like described above? Or will the music downloaded through subscription be DRM'ed like in Spotify?

As far as I can tell it only saves as an unencrypted MP3 if it's a track you've uploaded yourself through the Google Music Manager desktop app. Anything that comes direct from Google's cloud is encrypted when saved as an MP3.

Well, my experience is... music i bought before is unencrypted and plays with no problem on my PC or other devices without Google Music installed.
I'd like to know if that's the same case with music obtained through subscription.

Might well be different if you actually bought it through Play Music before. Remember you're free to download each track you've purchased twice through the web player.

Lad mal Musik runter und versuch sie auf'n Rechner zu kopieren. Schau mal bitte ob die Dateien verschlüsselt sind oder nich.

yeah finally! And just yesterday I was complaining how GEMA is still being a b*tch and not allowing All Access. Just listening here on the PC at work while my Nexus 4 is doing the camera upgrade.

CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Making a new google account sucks I miss my google music, to bad the work arounds don't work anymore