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Google's "Playground" event may have been called off, but it seems some changes to the Google Play Store may be arriving regardless. We're seeing movie purchase options appearing for some Google Play Movies titles here in the UK, though the selection is extremely limited at the moment. Likewise, Ausdroid reports that Google's started rolling out movie purchases in Australia, where previously only rental options were available.

In the UK, we've spotted titles such as Ill Manors on sale for £7.99. Down under, prices reportedly range from AU$8 for older movies all the way up to AU$25 for more recent offerings.

Considering today was originally going to be a big day for Google Play and Android, we'll be watching throughout the day to see if any other changes quietly drop.

International folks -- seeing anything new on Google Play today? Drop us a line in the comments.

Source: Ausdroid


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Google Play Movies purchase options going live in more countries


Could very well be the changes will be around midnight local time given the timing of it in australia.

Not true! Look at the first Transformers movie, you can buy SD for $10, $20 for HD. I saw another movie cheaper but I don't remember which.

Also this is only live on the Play Store on Android, not on the website. I think it's just starting to roll out.

I confirm a limited list of movies that can be purchased in Canada. Only checked on my device and found a hand full of movies.

Indeed, with services like Netflix starting up in many european countries now, and even seeing more and more music/video services (like those provided by Microsoft in Windows 8) they're really starting to run out of time on the ecosystem war.

Especially if Microsoft will launch their xbox music app on Android soon.

Ill Manors is not for sale via the store on the web but from my phone I can purchase for £7.99, I just found there is no stock of the Nexus 7 8gb and the 16gb reports the device is not for sale at this time which might be an indication of the 32gb Nexus 7.

I'm in the states, but moving back to Australia in January. Any idea what's going to happen to my movies I've purchased on the Playstore? Will I still have access to them?

Anyone else notice they changed the wallpaper on the Nexus 7 images?

Also, at least in Canada, they have added new colors for cases for the 7, although they are still coming soon.

The 8 GB is listed as coming soon, while the 16 GB is "not for sale at this time"