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nathan 007 says:

It would be nice if they would change the Free Song of the Day. I figured it would be a new song every day. Guess not.

garfnodie says:

Maybe it should be "Free Song of the *"

El Jefe says:

I doubt everyone that didn't force the Market update got it pushed to their phone yet. When they do, I bet they will update it daily.

bdfull3r says:

I have lost all faith in the world of music. Of the top ten albumd along two are worth the time to code and the top singles is like death to music to me

ultravisitor says:

It's really pretty stupid to give up on music because other people have bad taste.

Mr.Froyo says:

And what kinda music do you want?

tommydaniel says:

I never realized your taste in music is the only one that matters...seriously, your opinion is just that, an opinion. Let people enjoy what they want to enjoy and you do the same.

dblaneyfan says:

Just a wild guess, but are your fav albums the Stones and the Who? Or are they Coldplay and Coldplay?

bdfull3r says:

ON that particular list, your first guess is correct. I prefer the beauty of rock music. I dont have any problems with the rest of the list its just not what i listen. Apprently people couldn't take that joke

Mr.Froyo says:

That's because it wasnt a good joke

dNj says:

I'm not feeling the personalized, Google Music recommendations. For me, they recommended Black Eye Peas, Enrique Inglesias and Fatboy Slim. I have none of that music in my collection. So far from what I listen to. I wish Google would include a thumb down option next to their personalized recommendations. I don't mind recommendations, but only if I can help the system learn who I am.

bdfull3r says:

A lot of the recommendations it gave me were songs i had already uploaded to the cloud

bdfull3r says:

A lot of the recommendations it gave me were songs i had already uploaded to the cloud

bdfull3r says:

A lot of the recommendations it gave me were songs i had already uploaded to the cloud

dbhart5 says:

Amazon music has better prices. Google should at least try to have competitive prices. I bought Drake's latest for $10.99 on Amazon as an mp3 download.

mkoby#AC says:

Amazon has better prices by Google has better bit rates (256 at Amazon vs Google's 320).

Personally, I'm waiting for someone to take the first step and sell lossless music. Then I can completely stop buying CDs.

Impulses says:

Actually, Amazon uses variable bit rate (VBR), not a set bit rate, which is better. I'm surprised Google's doing a constant bit rate tbh, kind of a waste of space/bandwidth.

CBMC says:

VBR isn't better than 320 CBR. Since mp3 maxes out at 320. That being said VBR is better at lower bitrates. I am talking about standard bitrates, I know there are higher rate bitrates, but most players can't play it.

newboyx says:

The free live Pearl Jam album is a pretty sweet deal.

ldubs12 says:

I still never got to new market update....but I tries to hit the watch the throne link up top on my phone and it said sever error, anybody know how to get it...I tried to clear the cache and force close it hut nothing

Litt says:

I 2nd this request. Odd that it hasn't happened yet.

Ir's just a silly little ditty, but I'd appreciate it if you all went to Google Music and searched for "The Bozone" and downloaded the FREE song "Sinking in the Tarpit of your Love" from my Artist Hub album "The Best of the Bozone." Give an OG Droid owner some love. And I promise you'll never see anymore self promotion spam from me. Thanks.

Mathparadice says:

Microsoft and apple both had the song "music is my hot hot sex" in their commercials. Why cant I get this song on google music?¿ It is by cansei de ser sexy

CBMC says:

How is quadrophenia on this list. It is a fantastic album, but I wouldn't have expected it to be so popular.

bassbar says:

quadrophenia was on tv over the weekend

FrasierCrane says:

I'd never heard of Tycho before. That is some chill music right there. It's like a soundtrack to a movie about playing ping-pong on opium.

misfit410 says:

Coldplay? really? I kind of figured all the hipsters were using iphones.

frmorrison says:

I like google music, but I am worried about having an actual file in cases where you don't have internet access, I recall reading that you only get two downloads.