Google I/O keynote

We're live from San Francisco this week where Google's bringing coders together from the far reaches of the globe for its annual developer conference. Wednesday morning is the kickoff event — the two-hour keynote address in which we'll see plans for what's next, updates on what's current — and maybe a surprise or two.

And we're bringing it all to you, live. Below you can both watch the keynote in video and tune into our live blog coverage. You won't find better Google I/O coverage anywhere else! And for all the stories coming out of the keynote and the conference this week, be sure to visit our Google I/O 2014 event page!


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Watch the Google I/O keynote and live blog!


Can't wait for this to start!!! Anyone know when the livestream's opening up? I wanna make sure my Chromecast can handle it on my measley 2mbps connection.

I know the event will begin at 12 noon eastern time, so the live blog will probably start a but before that time.

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I know it's a little thing but I really appreciate you putting in the converted time in the article. Saves me having to work out when the event starts here in the UK.

Thank you!

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We can thank Alex for being on the staff for that I bet. He probably gives a nice reminder :)

4 pm GMT for those who prefer not having to use online convert tools every time they read an article on these sites.

I hope they spend a good amount of time on Android. It is the only thing I really am interested in. The wearables and home automation stuff bore me but it seems like that might be a focus this year.

I got a google now card saying it was time to leave for my flight, I was so sad. :( If I only had a ticket.

They're going to talk about AdMob since they just redesigned the logo and website yesterday.

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Moto 360 pre-order announcement pls. Will buy immediately

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Bam, Android in Cars confirmed! And before the keynote starts no less. (Not like we all didn't see it coming though)

Love the picture from last year! My friend with the white hair in the bottom right is here with me at I/O Extended in Arlington VA!

Why are they presenting this in a hallway? The constant stream of people walking by is distracting and gives the impression that many people there do not care what is being presented.

Let's hope significant improvement in the battery life department.

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The live blog is now useless on the app for my phone because of the sticky with all the links :(

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Your smartwatch can control your tv.

This is madness!


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Yeah. I was pretty much 100% against "smart" watches until today. But, the way Google has connected everything seamlessly suddenly makes the watch really interesting.

Now, they just need to up the battery life to something like a month so you will never, or at least rarely, have to bring an additional charger with you when you're on the go.

Agreed. Surprised that they didn't announce the Voice and Hangouts will be joining. Seems like it was heavy on wearables. No G+ updates and no big apps and no name for the new operating system. The "L" system...really?

...but... Knox is just bloatware... that's what "they" have always said! :)

Nice to see that at least Google are smart enough to appreciate clever security features and adopt them.

... You are building robots that kill people...


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@mercdroid: No Nexus device yet.. I'm still holding out hope that they'll put out at least one more Nexus phone and tablet before the end of the year.