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Google has just updated its Gesture Search application with proper support for tablets, including the Nexus 7. If you haven't used the Gesture Search app before, its a pretty interesting concept. Similar to what Google has been offering on the mobile view of it's search page, Gesture Search lets you spell out words by writing on the screen one letter at a time, and then instantly returns search items. You can choose what sources to search -- such as contacts, browser bookmarks, apps and more.

In addition to tablet support, Gesture Search now offers compatibility with even more languages. Simplified Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish are now supported as of this latest update.

Gesture Search is useful for when you've only got one hand free and need to make a quick search, though it's not the most high-profile Google app around. Take a look at the Google Play Store link above and try it out for yourself.


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Google Gesture Search updated with tablet support


Just went to to the play store and it still says not compatible with my device (stock nexus 7) So maybe its not released the update outside of USA?

Yeah, someone screwed this up. I saw the update yesterday that it would work with the Nexus 7. Except it's still not compatible on Google Play.

Lol still not compatible with my stock N7. It's 6:20am PDT right now.

I like that we have all chimed in and completely nullified the purpose of this article... Perhaps it should be changed to "Nexus 7 compatibility in the works!" or "Nexus 7 compatibility coming soon - we promise!"

"Google Gesture Search updated with tablet support"

Or not... still says incompatible & reports from the forum say that is a good thing as the app doesn't work...

I am sure that it will be fixed soon... if you haven't used GS on your phone you should definitely give it a try...

I downloaded to my phone and transferred apk to my Tobshiba Thrive (says not compatible),installed and it works perfectly.

You aren't missing anything folks. This is pretty much a gimmick anyway.

90 percent of the users turned off gesture search on the browser simply because it seldom worked and was annoying. On a phone, you pretty much have to write in place (like marching in place) because the screen is too small to write normally.

On a tablet, maybe, but I doubt it. Even stylus writing is a pretty iffy thing these days.

Might be user error on your part. It works great on my Galaxy Nexus. I used it on my Droid before that. It's great for pulling up contacts.