Broke-ass wallet

There's more to the new Google Wallet than a pretty app

Google Wallet started as a simple (but not very well adopted) NFC based tap-to-pay system, but it has turned into a app that really plans to hold everything your physical wallet can. We're not convinced that it will be successful, but of course we're plenty interested in just how it progresses.

We've see the transformation of the Android app itself, but what about developers interested in working with Wallet? GDL (Google Developers Live) aims to explain the features and methods to work with them to developers and interested parties alike with their Wallet Objects video.

Check it out after the break.

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Google developers explain Wallet's new direction and the tools that power it


Jerry: Was there supposed to be something after the sentence
"Check it out after the break."
Or just follow the link?

I bet this will be successful. It is really awesome to be honest. Its sad that the carriers have blocked this app for so long.

Still only using the tap and pay on my Google Edition S4 if not daily, several times week. I have not tried any of the other features because I do not really use loyalty programs for food etc. I still think it is smart to get some functionality on more phones and then maybe push for payments to be added by carriers through their customers demanding it? Before it was out of sight, out of mind since you could not even download it from the play store.

Poeple are not demanding it because most dont know anything about it. I use my Google Wallet when I go to Whole Foods and some ask if I am using a iphone. I tell them that a iphone cant do this and I am using a Nexus 4. Google is a expert in advertising but they sure do a poor job in advertising their own products. Most poeple dont even know anything about the Moto X and it is being built in Texas.

Problem is that you need a data connection for the app to work now, rendering it somewhat useless as the app is only as reliable as your carrier in the area you're using it

Tap to pay still doesn't require a data connection, AFAIK. Sure, sending money via email requires a data connection, but that's still not much of a barrier to usage when we're talking about phones. If you are hampered by lack of data often, blame (and/or change) your carrier.

It seems like a data connection is required to open the app and enter your PIN, though. If you can't get that far, tap to pay isn't going to work. The other option is to set a very lax PIN timeout which is less secure.

Way to be an apologist, sorry but it's a huge oversight on their behalf and the whole reason the secure element exists. For the record, I'm a HUGE Google Wallet fan. Just got my wife using it and it's been unreliable for her. Couldn't use her rewards card at Stop and Shop, etc. Having to rely on a always on data connection is a FAIL. I don't care what carrier you have

How are any of them forcing ISIS down your throat? Between the devices I own and the ones I sell at work I have yet to see it come preinstalled and even if it was that does not mean you have to use it. For Pete's sake you actually have to have a special SIM for it to even work.

If you don't like it Dont use it.

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They're forcing it down people's throats by disabling Google Wallet years before ISIS is even available to use. They have crippled GWallet for no reason other than to promote their own service.

While I wouldn't normally defend Verizon or put it passed them to do what you are accusing them of, you should read the following article to see what's really going on. According to the article, the way Google handles the security with the Wallet app is the issue. If Google would do this differently, then they could make Wallet available to all users. I don't think it would be legal for Verizon to block the app for competition reasons anyway.

edit: I mention Verizon but I can't remember which carriers currently block Wallet

Let me cut through the BS for you. Verizon's excuse is nothing but FUD to keep the FTC off their backs for anti-competitive practices with regard to Google Wallet. It has absolutely no merit. There is nothing inherently insecure about the method Google Wallet employs for encrypting transactions. Having the encryption chip built into the phone hardware versus a removable SIM chip makes no difference in how secure the transactions are.

Verizon's method is nothing but a power-play and money grab so they can control the entire NFC mobile transaction ecosystem (from the SIM chip/secure element to the transaction fees). The problem they have with Google Wallet is that Verizon (and their carrier partners) can't get any money from the transactions. So they concocted a system (ISIS) that takes control of the secure element (placing it on their own SIMs) and out of the hands of the phone manufacturer (and making it incompatible with Google Wallet).

To keep the FTC from slamming them for anti-competitive practices they made up FUD about security to justify their method over Google's method of NFC payments.

This is all great but the Loyalty selection is extremely limited and the "Join Now" options is even worse.
The coupon geo location notification is simply brilliant and I am shocked companies are not jumping all over this! There's really nothing to lose here... Just implement it once and no more printing presses (well... with time)
Why can't Google drive all these companies to adopt it? Huge user base and lots of $$$.... come on Google

We use KeyRing for loyalty cards, and most places can scan the bar codes right off
the screen, so they don't have to enroll through Google or anyone else. You can manually key them in, and even take pictures for the front and back of the card and share them with your spouse, so you get points no matter who picks up the groceries.

The loyalty card market is pretty mature and saturated, so I don't think this gives
Google much of an advantage. The funds transfer is sort of nice.

There is one advantage. Now that they seem to have made peace with the carriers on it look to see it preinstalked on phones in the near future.

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I use KeyRing also and love it, however, I do like the geolocation function discussed here. I often forget that I have an offer when I walk into the store.

Well, Google Wallet works the same way. You can manually enter any account/member number or you can "scan" the barcode instead and it'll be assigned to this account. Since you can do all that, obviously your spouse can do the same on her account.

Loyalty cards is nothing new, sure, but Google isn't trying to invent a new card.... they are just trying to digitize existing cards. Google has a huge advantage in terms of user base. For example, I have never even heard of KeyRing but many have heard about Google Wallet (heck, it's often in all the tech news) and it's also pre-installed on many phones. Google can also market Google Wallet (not sure why they aren't).

And like I said, geo location is a huge advantage that should be very attractive to retailers.

Not really disagreeing with you, but Key Ring is VERY well known. Especially the iPhone crowd...

The thing is I threw out all of my loyalty cards once I put them on key ring. Wish you could transfer them lol.

You can transfer them:

Bring the cards up in Keyring with the bar codes displayed.
Take a screenshot of each.
Let AutoBackup do its thing.
Bring up the screenshots on your computer.
Let Google Wallet scan the screenshots of the bar codes.

Does anyone know if Verizon customers have access to all features now? Since the app was updated, I can now find it in the Play Store on my Verizon Note 2 (running a custom ROM), but I haven't tried it.

Everything works but I can't find a way to NFC payments. Either it's disabled on VZ or it's been removed completely.

I added my Kroger Plus Shoppers card to Google Wallet and when I tried to scan it at the check out the bar code wouldn't scan. So I had to pull out my regular card and use that as I normally would have. Also, wouldn't scan the barcode to get my gas discount at the gas pump either. I'm not sure the loyalty cards works that well, but then I've only tried the one. It would be nice to leave the actual cards behind.

Same issue here with Kroger.

If the screen won't display a barcode to scan, and I can't use NFC (F you Verizon), then it won't be a success.

I want this to work. I hate carrying a wallet and a cell phone. It's pointless in 2013 to have to carry pieces of plastic and print receipts on paper. It's wasteful and inconvenient. Right now, though, this app is just a glorified PayPal.

I kinda wish they did because it would speed up acceptance. A cashier at Whole Foods told me that he wished his iphone could use it as I paid with my S4 GPe and I told him I wished so too to his confused look. It would bring NFC into the mainstream but of course they would have to call it itap or something like that. All those soccer moms paying with their iphone NFC!

You don't need NFC to use wallet anymore. It has a broader functionality. And it is available for iOS

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Noticed you don't have any money in your wallet. I guess asking you for a loan is out of the question?? :)

Let's see...
Apple way: open app, find reward card, scan barcode.
Google wallet: tap phone to the scanner.

Apple not adopting NFC is killing the technology.

Just seems to be glorified rewards card holder combined with a PayPal-like app. No NFC anymore?

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It'll still do NFC on the same devices that supported it before. Anybody that couldn't access it before can't do NFC now though, just cards.

I doubt it can hold everything a wallet can. I'm pretty sure a cop or a bouncer wouldn't take kindly to viewing my ID on my phone. Phone-keys-wallet will never die, in practicality.

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funny you say that. Texas just passed a law allowing you to have your car insurance card on your smartphone. I think several other states do also. A small victory for technology!

I would be careful with that... Of the states that allow electronic insurance cards, many consider "you handing your phone to a cop" as permission for the cop to snoop around the phone.

No thanks.

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You have information about crimes you've committed on your phone? Otherwise, it doesn't matter. Password protect what's important to you and he won't be able to look. People and this privacy stuff crack me up. Somewhere in the US somebody already knows everything you're doing on your phone anyway.

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I'm still baffled and frustrated that this hasn't been adopted in the UK.

I can get an NFC sticker to put on my phone from my bank so why not just adopt this app....?

Grrrrrrrrr forde *angrysmiley*

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I've been searching for google wallet for the UK for ages! Macdonalds accept NFC payment, this is hampering my unhealthy eating!

The US is easy because we still don't have EMV (chip cards). EMV cards by design can't be copied, meaning they can't be loaded into something like Google Wallet. You're a lot safer from fraud than the US, but at the cost of convenience and flexibility.

I have a Razr Maxx HD - Google wallet wasnt an option, I couldnt even download the app. I just loaded CM 10.1.3 yesterday, after reading this article, I thought I'd try again. I was able to download and set up everything on my phone! I guess I'll see if this works when trying to tap and pay with my phone.

You can download G Wallet on any Verizon phone now. The only thing is that NFC Payment is disabled. Hopefully CM will fix it for you.... let us know