Just a few days ago, we reported that those with Google Developer phones (unlocked, root access) would not be able to buy certain apps in the Android Market. It appears there were some teeth to this report - big, sharp, ugly teeth, in fact. Allegedly due to concerns that apps would be easy to pirate with the Google Dev 1- which has full root access to raw files, or every file on the device - all paid apps cannot be purchased with the Dev 1 phone.

If Google doesn't take a couple steps back from this rigid position, there could be many a disgruntled Google Dev 1 customer, considering they forked out $400 for their Androidness. It will be interesting to see how (or if) Google responds to this issue, but until then, is there anyone out there with a Dev 1 that would care to comment?



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Google Dev Phone = No Paid Apps


I talked to a Google employee and they said that "we are working on it"

So until they make 1.1 firmware for the ADP1 I guess all we can do is wait...

Seeing as there's a large portion of people out there with rooted G1's that aren't Dev phones.. That's rather silly ;)

Aside from the fact if you're really out to pirate the apps? There's a half dozen other ways to do it...

Ridiculous I say.

i have one as well and have no problems. but as the last commenter. there are a few apps, even free ones that i cant find anymore.

The allegations seem to be just speculation. It's a bug, nothing else. Atleast according this google group and several google employees. http://groups.google.com/group/android-developers/browse_thread/thread/f4868fd722ca2b58/1e6619ad263c3622#

I have a Dev 1 and and I was able to purchase an app. It does seem that some paid apps don't show in the market though. I even tried searching for certain paid apps and no go. So I think that maybe only those apps with DRM doesn't show?