During Google's Q1 Investor's Conference, Google CEO Eric Schmidt is on record of saying:

"Overall, it looks like Android is going to have a very strong year," New announcements of Android-related products and partnerships with mobile phone service providers and device makers will be "quite significant" this year, he said.

Uh, Mr. Schmidt...it's already the end of April and two of the biggest mobile phone conferences have passed and we've yet to hear a peep about Android. We know you're smart and all but really? Do you have to paint a rosy alternate reality for us?

What we can expect, according to Schmidty, is some Android-powered netbooks. Many netbook manufacturers have put Android onto their netbooks on their own, with no influence from Google. Yep, more rumored non-smartphone Android devices for us to use. Joy!

Honestly, you can look at this two ways: that Android's real goodies are coming later this year or that Google is propping Android up to be something it's not. We're hoping/wishing/dreaming that it's the former but if it's the latter, we won't be that crushed. Yeah, this is what it's come to.



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Google CEO: A Strong Year Ahead for Android


Let's not be too quick to call in Doomsday. Vodafone will be pushing the HTC Magic also. So we have to wait to see what becomes of that first.

Also, we can't necessarily judge Android's success by what's happening in the U.S. Remember the release of the G1 here? Could have gotten to the store 2 hours after opening and you'd never know they had a major release. Jump over the pond to the U.K's G1 release and it was iPhone-ish! Hence I say, let us see what Vodafone can do with it's massive influence before giving into pessimism.