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If your Gmail account is acting up today, you're not alone. Scores or readers are experiencing issues. And Gmail's not the only product hit with a little wonk today. Google Drive is experiencing errors, as is the admin control panel. Google Docs, Spreadsheets and Presentations have also been added to today's list.

The good news is that it doesn't (yet) look like a blanket outage. Some folk shave problems, some don't. Google says the Gmail issues were affecting 0.007% percent of users.

Gmail and Google Drive are still in the "investigation" process. Google promises an update on the Google Apps Admin Control panel status later this morning.

Source: Google Apps Status Dashboard


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Google apps having issues today


Don't ever want to hear another snide comment from anyone about iCloud and their service outages. Google's services have been down a good bit lately as well. Currently I have three different domains using Google Apps and productivity across the board is at a stand still while we wait on Google to pull it together.

When you pay for a service and just about everything associated with your businesses runs through Googles servers and they go down.....yeah its pretty annoying.

This is a web based world and for us email is a big part of that. We are currently twiddling our thumbs waiting on everything to come back up. Google's services used to be rock solid....hardly ever experiencing an outage. Not so much here lately.

Twiddling your thumbs? I'd fire you. You can't find anything else to do but sit there and refresh your email? Sounds like the company you work for has some issues.

In my experience, anytime you run your business in such a way where a single point of failure brings your business to a halt, that's poor planning. Technology fails. All of it, eventually, fails. Maybe not for good, but there are outages with everything. Notice that only .007% were effected, that means that Google planned for issues and allowed for problems that would not totally bring them all down. There is a lesson here. Or you could go to Amazon Cloud. Oh wait,they just had an outage...

Amen. It's called a Business Continuity Plan and if your business that is so dependent on "cloud" services doesn't have such a plan, you won't be in business very long.

Here's a tip: Always have a backup plan.

Namecheap offers Email hosting for $30 a year for a Group Premium email hosting plan. I suggest you sign up, it's a very reasonable (and cheap) price to avoid any potential downtime with your emails in the future.

Rackspace offers similar with plans starting at $2 per month per mailbox.

There's plenty of other alternatives out there. I highly suggest you start looking into some/all of them. If you don't then you have only yourself to blame for any downtime, as you obviously don't plan ahead for situations like this. Paying for a service or not, sh*t happens. Either you're ready for it or you're not. If you're not that's on no one else but you.

You mention apple as if this article mentions something about them. Icloud services get shutdown a lot more often than Google servers. Go have a chill coffee and come back in an hour, I'm sure it'll be back up.

The posters below obviously only use Google Apps for personal use so it doesn't effect them, I'm in a similar boat as you and I completely understand your frustration.

Yes, but as other posters have already stated, you have to plan for such events. Technology fails. By relying solely on Google Apps (for your businesses) you are putting yourself and your business at risk should there be any failures (like there currently are).

The company I work for has 3 (count them, three) email account domains across 3 different hosting providers. Why? Redundancy. Should any one go down or have downtime issues we can easily switch to one of the others for the day or week or what have you. Ditto storage. Ditto everything else.

Why? Because proper planning prevents piss poor performance. If you don't plan for any and all contingencies then you're at the mercy of others, but you have only yourself to blame for any downtime in that you did not adequately prepare for just such emergencies/contingencies.

Nothing wrong with being frustrated, it happens to me all the time (as I am the IT department for my company), but while some frustration and blame should be directed at Google, the majority should be directed at yourselves.

Guess you're part of the James Bond group ; ) I'd say that's well within acceptable business practices. Just stinks when it's you...

Strange how the problem affects both Android and the web interface. My Google Apps GMail still seems to be pushing through to my Blackberry 6 device, although I can't log in through the web.

lol same here. i had 70 people giving me the evil eye like I was responsible. i told them all to shut up, sit down and wait lol

Im an Admin at my company and we use google apps for our corporate email... Half the office is unable to access email or some type of google apps service. The other half is fine. It's annoying that people are putting in Tickets and calling me about this though. Both my personal gmail and my corporate gmail are unaffected by this outage. Such a pain...

I consider myself lucky because I have yet to experience 1 of these outages people keep yapping about and I use Google exclusively.

I'm just glad I don't use any cloud service that doesn't auto-sync to my devices. Dropbox all the way baby! If they go down I still have all my documents.

I just wish people would stop thinking the could is THE future. Between reliability issues, DDOS, security issues and government spying, the Cloud is looking worse and worse.

BTW, data on my home network has had 100% uptime for 15+ years.

I've been having issues with gmail for a while now.

The the unread count doesn't go away even after reading all or marking all unread.

I have to go to the web version to get it to go away.