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The Google+ app has been updated and the development team has added the ability to reshare posts. It was one of the most requested features according to Lead Product Manager Pudit Soni. In addition, the app is now available in 38 languages, which should appease a lot of the international users who had complained.

Here is the full changelog:

  • Reshare a post
  • App now available in 38 languages
  • Incremental improvements to notification reliability
  • Clearer Instant Upload options in the initial setup dialog
  • Ability to create a new circle from the "Circles" destination
  • Bug fixes:
  • Eliminate Instant Upload duplicates on HTC models
  • Fixed “No name” issue in Huddle
  • Hidden 1:1 Huddles now reappear when new messages are sent
  • Fixed issue with notifications count changing when switching from portrait to landscape
  • Other performance fixes and minor UI tweaks
  • Ability to create a new circle from the "Circles" destination

Quite a big update and it's nice to see the engineers iterating at such a rapid pace. Hit up the links after the break to find the update.


Reader comments

Google+ app updated, now allows resharing


Someday they're going to take this out of beta and people like me who have yet to get an invite are going to be able to use it. Until then, I look forward to awesomeness.

I wonder if the entire Android notifications has issues at times. Google Voice often does not send out notifications.

What's the point, I haven't had a notification in over a week! Nobody uses it. If they do continue to, it won't be for long because everybody will be on facebook until something gets so screwed up that everyone leaves in huge numbers in search of a better social network. I don't see it happening. I think Google+ will flop.

I don't anticipate deleting my Facebook account in the near future but I barely ever visit that site or the application on my phone anymore. The people and posts I see on my Google+ stream are certainly more interesting than what appears on FB. I wonder why that is.

I like the G+ app. But I took it off.

1) I can't afford to have it on my N1 with no App2SD.

2) Most of my friends are still on Facebook.

The second point Google has no control over. But the first issue, why can't Google fix that?

I don't think any of Google's apps can be moved to SD. I've never seen one that did it... maybe too native? maybe just didn't feel like.

I decided to bail out of Google+ when I read that they are, in fact, seriously cracking down on the "real name" requirement. To the point where they are cancelling the accounts of people with unusual legal names, until they manage to prove that it is, in fact, their real name. There are legitimate reasons for keeping real names confidential; victims of abuse, stalking, violent crime, people who work in sensitive industries. This is the reason one HAS an online pseudonym. Until Google gets it, I'm out.