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A couple of days ago a lucky few first saw an update for Gmail that enables the automatic display of images in messages. Today it seems that the update is pushing out hard and reports of users receiving it are coming in.

There is no official change log posted, and all we can see is the new image display option. You can jump in the settings and turn things on and off, so there's no need to start a petition. If you're a Gmail user — and you should be if you're using an Android — look for the update soon if you haven't received it already.


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Gmail update pushing out, enables 'always show images' setting


And it's fantastic! :D Got the update a couple hours ago. It's something small you don't think would matter much, but it's so handy having it.

Just got it. "Ask before show" is how mine was set when I checked it, so I guess that is the default.

Still no cure for the @#$*+! Conversation View (which I have turned off in my web view) - could we PLEASE have that option?

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Yes Please... This is why I use K9 mail (push and everything works) which is actually really good. I would just like to use the official app. I absolutely hate conversation view and gmail seems to be the ONLY email app without the option to turn it off even though they give you the option on the web.

There's definitely a case... The fact that it's so slim is what led me to comment in the first place.

Gotta agree with the poster above. I see no case, at best it is a bumper

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Sometimes I think Google just adds something controversial into the update to make headlines, but does something really big behind the scenes so the general populous doesn't notice.

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I got the update on the way home. I like not having to click "always show" on images for every email I've allowed that after I've flashed a new rom.

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A changelog was provided (well, atleast where I live). So here it is:
• Images now show automatically.
• Setup up your vacation responder in settings.
• Send or download attachments of any type including documents,PDFs, zip files.
• (Android 4.3+) Attach multiple files.
• (Android 4.4) Print emails and attachments.
• Enhanced performance for low memory devices.

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They were in beta for 300 years, you want a change that fast?

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Rom flashers are happy now. So tired of hitting that option every time.

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Got the update today. I'm so glad to finally see this. I got tired of pressing the "show images" button.

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Glad to see the update also was tired of the extra click to show images. This option should have been added long ago.

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So when is google going to roll out an update that puts the latest email at the top so I don't need to keep swiping down on my phone like I'm playing that "roll out the toilet paper" game?

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Is anyone else missing the "Swipe to Delete" option because of the new update?
All it seems to let me do now is swipe to archive...

Ah, nevermind. It looks like the update reverted the "General Settings > Archive & delete actions > Show delete only" setting.
I will say I wish I could swipe left to delete and right to archive, or swipe to delete and still have an archive button in the e-mail. Why is that so hard?