Gmail update brings better Drive sharing

Google is now beginning to push out an update to its Gmail app for Android which brings better sharing of content that's stored on Google Drive. You can now simply insert files, photos, and documents directly from Drive into your Gmail body and manage permissions on the go as to privacy and sharing.

"Simply insert Google Drive files directly into your Gmail messages on your Android phone or tablet," Google wrote on a Google+ post about the new update. "If the file isn't shared with the person you're sending it to, you'll get the option to change your sharing settings before you send it"

Additionally, there is now better autocomplete suggestions when you start typing messages. These auto-complete of contacts are done faster and will give you suggestions for contacts when you begin typing in the To, Cc, or Bcc fields.

The update will be rolling out in stages over the next few days so don't fret if you don't see an updatee being pushed out.

Will you be using Drive integration more when using Gmail on your phone? Are you happy that Google is better integrating its services to create a more user-friendly ecosystem? Let us know how you like the new Gmail experience.

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Gmail update brings better Drive sharing


I really need to look more into Drive, particularly for the office. If more of my users had Android instead of iPhones, this would be really compelling.

Drive works as good as any other iPhone alternative, unless your users use iCloud options. Google services work excellently on the iPhone.

I just used "Save to Drive" for the first time from Gmail and sort of expected it would let me pick a folder. But it just dumped it straight into Drive. Maybe there's a setting?

Drive seems to be discouraging the use of folders lately. it is always pushing you to a recents view on mobile & the web.

Blueish/purple tint to the screen of the phone in the picture. How can anyone claim this as the best screen, let-alone a decent screen? Wife had the g3 and g4 and that same AMOLED screen is not apealling in the least.

If I can't turn off Conversation Mode, I'm not using the Gmail app. It a criminal that this cannot be disabled on Android when it can be disabled on iOS and Chrome browser. Idiotic.

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I've been using drive for some time. It's my go too for storing data, documents and pics. Try it . . . you'll love it.

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This is one of those features that I expected to be available when the Drove app was first launched. It's always interesting when seemingly obvious features take forever to be released. I assume it's because it was more difficult to implement than a layperson like me would think, and I'd love to hear someone explain why that is.

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