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We were kicking this around last night, but it's not going away. A number of you -- and us -- are having problems with getting gmail to properly sync with our phones. Obviously, that's bad. The good news is that Google's on the case, saying "We're currently looking into this issue, and I'll report back here with any findings."

"Here" would be the Google support forums, and the thread in question is three pages long as of this writing. What about you guys? Still seeing issues? [Google]

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dustinfrank says:

no problems on the Incredible.

Happend on the EVO yesterday for a few hours... then after poking around with it off and on it came back... Been working since then.

NOt the first time Gmail is having sync issues.... very annoying

jonyah says:

happens often on my Evo. I figured it was just because I have 5 gmail accounts (1 gmail and 4 gmail apps accounts) to sync.

reddragon72 says:

I'm seeing it on T-Mobile on the Vibrant. Might be a 2.1 issue.

rugbyua9 says:

Yup, my accounts are not syncing. It's driving me bonkers. damn phone OCD.

Maninski says:

So this problem has been driving me mad, as I'm sure it has been for all of you! I've been everywhere looking for fixes to no avail. Finally, after looking through all of my phone's settings for the millionth time I came across something that has fixed the problem! In Gmail's settings (that's in gmail inbox press menu, more, settings) scroll to the last option (that's Notify Once), and uncheck that. It has worked for me and I hope it works for you.


agueybana62 says:

Sorry wrong person to thanks/ "maninskI" thanks a million for your help it does work the way you said. My touch 4g,, its alive again, and working fine loluck.

agueybana62 says:

Sorry wrong person to thanks. (this is forManinski, thanks a million it does work the way you said. My phone it is alive again. LOL.

agueybana62 says:

Sorry wrong person to thanks. (this is forManinski, thanks a million it does work the way you said. My phone it is alive again. LOL.

agueybana62 says:

Thanks a million, "rgbyua9"it does work youre way. Mytouch4g, its alive again.loluck

DomRepLV says:

I had the same problem last night. I wipe all my cache and re-sync all my gmail accounts. All Services Working for Now... Still Getting mail but a bit slower that before.

scoty024 says:

I haven't NOTICED any problems with my Droid X...but that doesn't mean it isn't there. News to me either way.

JayPhill89 says:

No problems on my Samsung Captivate but I notice there are some people saying their Captivate is having the issue (at least 1 of them is on 2.1).

I'm on a 2.2 release from Europe though.

creede1 says:

Been trying to figure it out for the last two days. Glad to know it's a network issue and not my phone.....

Droid X - 2.2

Sync issue, tmo cliq xt

Smokexz says:

Syncing just fine on a MyTouch 4G over 3g.

Is there an ICON on the HSPA+ phones to tell you when you're in a high speed area?

Two days now on my evo.

riggsandroid says:

noticed it for the last day or so on my HTC Hero running CM6.1 RC1

Glad to know I don't have to wipe and reinstall! Hopefully it gets fixed.

On my EVO its on & off, takes a long time to get mail.

bellamyepl says:

Anyone having problems syncing the groups from the contacts on google to the phone with the captivate? I dont know if this is the same issue but mine hasn't sync'd and wont.. I dont know why.. or isn't this possible?

jdelaney60 says:

Having no problems with T-Mobile Vibrant as of 2:15pm today. All mail is coming in. Yesterday I downloaded K-9 Mail to replace the default Google email reader. Perhaps that's why.

nickijay96 says:

I have sync issues with my Fascinate. It also won't allow me to add my secondary Gmail account to the phone. It keeps saying it cannot connect to server.

pigeonblood says:

Hi guys.
Same thing here in Italy on my HTC Desire HD with H3G provider and on my Galaxy Tab with Vodafone. But it is the same between my wi-fi connection. Gmail does work only with manual sync on both.

dougeetx says:

Don't think I'm having problems on evo. I received spam just fine this morning from my SIS.

jbmecham says:

Yup. Problems with Dinc since Tuesday late PM EST. Actually hard reset the no avail, obviously...DANGIT!

t-bear52 says:

Yes. Same issue for two days with my Dinc. No synch. Have to refresh manually. Unacceptable to me.

Jonecat says:

I am glad it is not just me, I have been going crazy the last couple days.

Running a DroidX with ApeX 1.0

DrewCSchultz says:

This is off-topic, I know, but how do you have the option to sync, Chromemarks? Is this a Motorola thong? I'm on an N1.

Happend to me a few weeks ago...I had to call Vz and they walked me through a few trouble shooting items...which I had already done prior to calling tech support. Ended up reseting the X to original factory setting and know it syncs. Haven't had any issues as of today.

wormeyman says:

I have been having problems with my Droid X, i had to use the web interface.

StrandedBrit says:

DInc on Verizon, same here. Have to manually update.

c_dub says:

Google calendar not promptly syncing with my desktop PC either - been driving me crazy

Magellan says:

No problems on my rooted G1.

running Nexus One on ATT with CM6 2.2 and all has been fine for me

icebike says:

Also rapid battery drain, perhaps trying to sync, occurred on several of our phones this morning.

Then I log in here (from my desktop), and the website won't come up waiting for reddit. Zip to my opendns dot com settings, block all of reddit Dot com and problem solved.

eric.atx says:

Not sync'ing right on my Evo running baked snacks 1.9 for days.

I was experienced some syncing hiccups yesterday with my calendar, but no problems (knocking on wood) with Gmail or Google Apps mail.

jbliss#AC says:

Having this issue since the 3rd with my AT&T Motorola Backflip. Before I saw that it was a Google issue, called AT&T with problem, they couldn't figure it out, and replaced my phone. Of course, problem persists with new phone. Perhaps someone (Google) should clue-in AT&T?

chiroho says:

Lots of issues on my D-x this morning, until I went in and cleared my Gmail data under Applications. Things seemed to start working properly again after that.

li2327 says:

Mine still not working on the Motorola Charm on Tmobile. Hopefully its fixed soon.

IceBone says:

Been discussed in the forums some already, with various fixes proposed. The most extreme one seems to be removing the .apk and .odex from the phone and installing gmail anew from the market, but only rooted users can do that.

ghuth says:

I've fixed my syncing issues on my HTC Desire.

It seems that syncing stops when the low space error is being shown!

When free phone storage dropped from 15MB to 14MB and the phone started showing the warning message, syncing stopped. It started again once I ran the through these instruction

Having since searched it does seem to be a known issue with useless (non existent) error messages from the sync code.

Lokimeister says:

Any update on this?

daniel11B says:

MY mytouch 4G isn't syncing to Gmail now, started a few days ago. Does anyone know how to fix this?

cbattle#AC says:

Hi everyone, I have the low space message as well, but I have 6.33 GB still available on internal phone storage and 7.24 GB available on my SD Card. Nothing I do will make the low space message go away and after reading tons and tons of posts about this problem, I am led to believe that the low space is what is causing my google account not to sync (calendars and mail haven't synced since 2/22).

I've tried just about every solution on this thread (short of rooting my phone) and nothing seems to work.

I am beyond frustrated and am looking for answers! I have an HTC Incredible.

beachsonds says:

I am having the same issue with the same phone. Did you find a solution?

pjmn says:

On my HTC Eris (Verizon), Visual Voice Mail was the culprit. Once I cleared the data on that, my Gmail, Google calendar, and Google contacts synced up almost immediately.

anybody else having this problem today - Mother's Day!!

Yes very distracting...!

bb1334#AC says:

I have a Thunderbolt and I am not getting any notification from my gmail app, only through mail. Any other suggestions to fix this? It hasn't been syncing for a week now...

bb1334#AC says:

Fixed it.

How did you fix it? This is getting quite frustrating. A Google phone, using Google products, and it doesn't work. But my iPhone 3Gs, using Google products, works GREAT. o_O ???

wilderja says:

I have a G1, and within the last couple of days, my calendar will no longer sync. I have items in my google calendar, but they do not sync to my phone. What has happened?

oeidesign says:

Samsung Moment on 2.1 and the calendar stopped syncing a couple of days ago. More specifically, it only show random events from multiple calendars. It won't show all the events of any calendar. Very strange.

Anne Droyd says:

I JUST GOT MY CALENDAR TO SYNC WITH GMAIL on my HTC Eris by going under Settings to the Applications option. From there I selected Manage Applications. Next, I selected Calendar Storage and then Clear Data. I did the same thing for the Calendar Widget. I performed another sync, and my Gmail calendar returned to my phone. I noticed an issue with my calendar yesterday afternoon. At that time, the calendar only showed U.S. Holidays with none of my events and would not sync even after turning the phone off and back on. I hope this helps. Good luck!

rhc43 says:

Thx for the tip. This worked for me as well on my HTC EVO 4G.

beachsonds says:

I have had an HTC Incredible since November 2010 and it just recently stopped syncing my gmail account...I have tried manual sync, both before and after restarting my phone...What's up?

Dark Penguin says:

I don't know if this is the same issue, but my problem is that my messages aren't in the same state between my mobile and my PC. On my PC, I generally prefer to use my MS Outlook client to handle my email, and this is particularly the case now that my school email, which no longer allows me to stay logged into multiple GMail accounts when using the web GMail client.

The issue I have is that when reading my emails on the phone, or on my PC, they still appear as "unread" when I go to the other device.

Esri says:

I have a MyTouch Slide 3G and gmail stopped syncing last week. I got rid of the updates (don't remember how) and it worked for a couple of days, then stopped again. I would have deleted the account and put it back, but it won't let me do that, says it's in use by other programs. I'm wondering if it has something to do with the fact that the phone keeps saying it's low on space. I do everything I can to fix that, it goes away for a little, then comes back. Hitting refresh while in Gmail does nothing.


isellorganic says:

I have the driod X and could not figure out why my gmail STOPPED syncing. It no longer works. I missed some important emmails cause I was not at home UGH,,,

JP4aday says:

After reading this post and the Help option on my MyTouch 4G I may have found a solution:

There are three Settings menus, a global one for GMail on Android and TWO for your specific account(s).

To change Account Menu #1:
Open Gmail,
Account Settings,
Auto-sync, (was not checked for me and was changed after I got the latest Android version from T-Mobile, I think)
Under Manage Accounts, select your email,
Ensure the items you want auto-synched are checked.

Account Menu #2:
Open Gmail,
select your email under Account Settings
(if you're stuck under "General Preference", back up a level)
Scroll to the bottom of the general settings, under Notification Settings ensure that Email notifications is checked (as previously posted).

I just completed these settings changes so we'll see if they are the true fix and if they stay as I've set them.

I hope this helps someone else.

Dark Penguin says:

I had Froyo 2.2.2 when I got the phone, updated to GB resulting in a passel of problems, and downgraded back to Froyo. Under neither version, though, did my email sync correctly. I can understand why it wouldn't work if I'm using MS Office on my notebook to read emails, but why doesn't it work when I use the GMail web client?

copasetic says:

Wow, a two year old thread. And still, yes. Razr Maxx.

ansonee says:

...and yes...mine just stoped syncing suddenly out of the blue two days ago. Nothing has changed, nothing installed, nothing...

and what does T-Mobile suport suggest: a factory reset. Which seems to be the ONLY course of action they EVER recommend!!!

siasconset says:

I don't even have a cell phone. On-line Google stuff (Docs, Bookmarks) isn't even syncing with itself anymore.

ResidentCelt says:

Droid Razr M - My Gmail wouldn't sync on the Gmail App and Gtalk app wouldn't log in/showed everyone as being offline and everything was grayed out, including me despite the fact that it said I was logged in.

Two legitimate solutions to this problem that I have found:
1. You don't have enough space on your phone, search the internet for this solution. Clear data, cache, etc, reboot. This wasn't my problem.
2. You have restricted Sync Services from using background data and maybe Google Services too.

To fix this, on my phone at least, I go to the home screen and swipe left to right to get my quick settings menu up. I select "Mobile Data" which sends me to my data usage menu (the key is to get to your data usage menu). Scroll down and find the one called "Google Services" and select it. Mine had the "Restrict background data" box checked, so I unchecked it. Then go back to your menu and find the one called "Sync Service" and select it. Again, uncheck the "Restrict background data" box. I then rebooted my phone and then Gmail synced perfectly and Gtalk logged in and showed me online and showed which friends were online/busy etc.

I checked by toggling the Sync Services one and that definitely causes the problem when background data is restricted and the problem goes away when it isn't restricted. The Google Services one may not actually affect it, but knowing Google it might. I would try lifting the restriction on the Sync Services first and rebooting to see if that alone works.

Hope this helps.

AvCheu says:

This was a problem on my HTC Incredible. I seemed to have been an internal memory full issue but I moved/deleted apps and can see that I now had over 100mb free on the internal memory. Still no updating. Installed another mail app and it updated. The problem was still with gmail. Of course, now the data was filling up with the mail coming in on the other mail apps. And smartphone freezing constantly.

Even froze on restarts so after a few reboots (some on its own!) the entire screen was blank. All pages were void of app icons - ALL SCREENS. But under the app listing, it appears that all the apps were still there but all login info was gone though after logging in, the data was still there. No major pieces of data missing, all contacts still available.

However, now, the entire memory is truly clear and Gmail app is working absolutely perfectly, no freezing, connecting to any wifi in area (it wasn't always perfect b4) so it was working better than new. A pain to reintroduce the icons but makes you realize which ones to keep.

Is there a way to reintroduce this forced memory clean up again? I tried using the one on the cache but that didn't clean up like they way this reboot did.

Super happy with the way the Incredible is working again.


mcook007925 says:

HTC evo has not synced in over a month. I get message that "Sync is experiencing problems. It will be back up shortly. Last gmail was Sept 5, today is October 7.

senate194 says:

My Phone is Galaxy S4:
On mobile network only my Gmail app was not syncing automatically, gmaps was slow, youtube was not working or really slow and Calendar wasn't syncing either.

After looking on the internet I was not able to find the solution. I have tried everything that was simple like clear cache, reboot, sync OFF/ON ...


I tried the APN reset solution: Setting/more network/mobile network/Access point name/ reset to default. I did it and also I have found that google services had the check mark ON for restrict background data. Setting/data usage/google services

I have never touched this option before so I don't know why it was checked. After these two steps my phone works perfectly now.

I hope this could help someone..

Thank you