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Can't wait to send my first rager to the staff. But what will jazz hands get you? [Gmail Motion]

Update: And the boys and girls at Google Voice are at it as well. Not as in-depth, but still entertaining.

By the way: This is the one and only April Fools story you'll see here today. We've got too much actual news to cover, and, frankly, we're just not that fun anyway. So fear not, anything you read here today is the honest to goodness truth, unless it's not.


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Gmail Motion makes sending angry e-mails even more fun


Heh... it became obvious to me that today was April Fool's day when I went to reddit and saw that r/Android was using r/iPhone's stylesheet and visa-versa.

they also said they will not report on any april fools jokes: this is from their twitter account: "For the record: We don't do April Fools stories, we don't report on April Fools stories. #thatisall"

Where do I sign up to be a beta tester ;-)

This is pretty funny. It's worth going to to see the PDF cheat sheet.

You mean you're not going to report on Sprint's big announcement that the Kyocera Echo is an elaborate April Fools' Day joke?

Too damn! I'm just imagining everyone at my office, at their desk doing this, with this guys serious face. I'd be in tears all day..

This is actually really funny, but I can't help but think that the deaf and hard of hearing community might actually like something like this with their ASL skills. Who knows, maybe some day! :)

I thought of ASL too when I saw the video, but that goofy/serious look on the demonstrator's face gave the whole thing away. Good one Google!

the whole time I watched I thought it was a joke until the licking of the stamp motion... then i knew it was.... Pretty good thought.