AT&T and General Motors have just announced plans to bring LTE to a wide range of its cars starting in 2014. The partnership will enable GM to provide a whole host of new connected car services through its subsidiary, OnStar, across models from Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac. The connectivity will be built in at a basic level of the car, integrated into the electrical system and wired to an external antenna to provide better coverage and speeds. Some car models -- usually in the higher end -- have had this functionality for some time, but not on the wide scale that GM is targeting.

GM envisions streaming media content available in back seat entertainment devices, real-time navigation updates and application downloads for infotainment systems. The embedded LTE connection will not only bring a whole host of integrated car services online, but also provide Wifi hotspot functionality for other devices that users bring with them to the car. Hopefully as this service hits the main stream other car makers can follow suit.

Source: AT&T; GM


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GM selects AT&T LTE for future car connectivity


Even more reason to use their shared plan. =P

AT&T Rep: You can add your Car/Truck/SUV for an additional $35!

Yeah, like the instant you buy a new GM product!

In Dash Nav subscriptions,
In Dash Sat Radio subscriptions,
Now LTE connectivity.

I bet the allocated data on these LTE plans will be set so low that you won't be able to replace the first two of these with the last one.

On the other hand, if AT&T would just build a Voip Gateway into their system you could do all your in-car calling over SIP/VOIP from your cell phone via WiFi via the Car's LTE connection.

I can already get wifi functionality in my car, but only under a Chrysler plan, no way to add it to my own plan as a data sharing device. Ridiculously expensive.

Chevy or Ford just announced a week or so ago that it will be installing Google maps and navigation into all their cars, and they made it sound like you wouldn't need a carrier to make all the google apps work

Chevy or Ford just announced a week or so ago that it will be installing Google maps and navigation into all their cars, and they made it sound like you wouldn't need a carrier to make all the google apps work

I'm sure that will be the case. Audi/VW already offers T-Mobile 3G in their cars (mostly Audi models), and if I'm correct, it's a $30/mo subscription independent of your other mobile wireless plans.

WOW GM, way to pick the WRONG CARRIER!!! Logic would say pick the one with the most LTE coverage. Apparently they didnt think about that aspect of the plan.

Not for where I live. You think they just picked a carrier out of a hat? Apparently they did think about that aspect!

Look at the coverage maps, Verizon covers WAAAAAAAAY more of the US as a whole with LTE then AT&T does with its LTE. And I am not counting its "4G" HSPA+ bullshit, because thats out of date now anyways.

Wait? You actually BELIEVE those coverage maps? A-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I can't. Right now, Verizon's map is ALL RED where I live, yet there is NO SIGNAL to be had here.

Logic would also say that maybe AT&T gave GM a better deal or terms to put LTE in their cars.

More goes into a big deal like this than just "which carrier has the best coverage". Ever consider that Verizon just wasn't interested in striking a deal with GM given the terms they wanted?

And GM isn't dumb enough to buy into CDMA at this stage in that product life cycle.
GM sells cars all over the world.

They've been using Verizon with OnStar for decades. There must have been a very compelling reason to make the switch. Would love to know the details.

I'd rather have a universal standard of connecting a smartphone to a car as opposed to having a car with a separate data connection, software interface, etc.

I think GM should think about designing a car people would like to drive before thinking about what else people might want in that car.

Well, the goodies help make the experience. For day to day driving, any econobox will do just fine. The rest is toys and comfort, not speed. I've wished for heated seats far more often than faster acceleration or more horsepower. I'm a normal driver, not a teen looking to impress.

Heated seats and other comforts as well as safety technology packages are available on dozens of GM cars starting in the mid price range. You don't have to buy a Cadillac to find these things today.

Even the low range Chevy Cruze has tech packages and safety packages in cars that start well under 20k.

I don't drive a Chevy, but the Chevy of today is not your father's Chevy any more.

My Nexus 7 fits perfectly in my GMC Terrain, I teather it to my GS3 for data, and bluetooth it to the truck, makes a great media center. Thank god I still have my unlimited data plan!

Next we hear GM is going to use IOS Software for their in car infotainment systems...

I expected this from a prissy manufacturer like Volvo or Toyota. Not the American car company GM!

What is this world coming to...

So does this mean I will be able to buy a new GM vehicle subsidized on a 5 year contract? (typical length of a loan)

However they implement it, it better be optional. There is no way I'm subscribing to a data plan for a vehicle!