Glu Sprint ID

If you're a fan of Glu's stable of games on Android and are rocking a Sprint phone and are into the Sprint ID thing (that's a lot of qualifies, we know), Glu's now got its own Sprint ID pack. With it you get:

  • Guitar Hero & More: Download this ID pack and prepare to rock out to Guitar Hero 5 and Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock. As an intermission, check out the 10 additional Glu games available in this ID pack.
  • Deer Hunter & More: This ID pack is a bulls-eye for shooting fanatics with Deer Hunter Challenge,Deer Hunter 3D and Deer Hunter African Safari. Waiting to reload? This ID pack includes a dozen more Glu games to test your skills.
  • Free Glu Games: Thirteen Glu games at your fingertips for the best price: FREE! This ID pack features top franchises like Guitar Hero and Deer Hunter. 

You can snag them on your phone, or hit the link below for more.

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Reader comments

Glu gets its own set of Sprint ID packs, throws in Guitar Hero and Deer Hunter


Am I doing this wrong?
I installed the Guitar Hero one on my wife's Photon, and after installing it, clicking Guitar Hero just links to the marketplace for $7.

Sprint ID is a joke. Sprint's development team is not that good. I in fact found so many bugs in the Sprint ID code or asked myself why in the world would you do that! They don't even have a proper testing group. I was in Sprint's product development group and I know how screwed up the product development and marketing department of Sprint is. Highly un-organized!

Unless you guys are stuck using Sprint ID, I highly recommend not using it. It slows your phone down and it is a useless piece of app.

More people not support such bloatwares, more it helps to not have crappy software on our devices.