Modern Combat 4

Gameloft just rolled out its latest revision of the popular Modern Combat series just a few days ago, but unfortunately it was struck down with some major download issues. Users were purchasing the game -- at $6.99 -- and then either weren't able to download, or downloaded bad files that caused game issues on first launch. The issue is now fixed, and downloads should be working without a hitch.

Now that the bugs are out of the way, Gameloft is also letting us know that Modern Combat 4 supports the MOGA Mobile Gaming System controller from PowerA natively at launch. If you happen to have one of these controller contraptions available, it may be worth a look to see how it operates.

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Reader comments

Gameloft addresses Modern Combat 4 download issues, adds controller support


Why don't they support Android's built-in gamepad API's. MOGA is the first two years from now we will have five different controllers. Every controller will have to be supported separately. This is horrible

So does having "moga" support mean that native gamepad support is improved? Touch emulation with the PS3 leaves something to be desired.


gameloft, please update Asphalt 6 for Nexus 4 and nexus 10. untill then i am not fucking buying Gameloft game ever. both are not compatible.

It's weird that only some buttons work with standard Android gamepad. The left stick, reload, shoot, pause, and dpad work but the rest don't work.

i deleted the game and want to install it again. and again gameloft want another 6 euro from me. no way. go stealing by someone-else....