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Gallery Lock review - where to hide pictures on your Android device


Will it stop the dropbox sync of that photo? Nothing worse than taking a "confidential" picture and having it unloaded to my work computer

You can set which Dropbox folders sync to your work computer via Preferences > Advanced > Selective Sync

All you need to do is put create an empty text file with a name of .nomedia (note the leading dot) in any directory and the gallery app as well as dropbox upload will not show those files. You will need a file manager to do that as well as look at these files.

Simon: I'm pretty sure the music player is there to play the bow chicka wow wow music while you look at your hidden photos...

Its not even worth saving the picture (Nudity) if you have wife/girlfriend. Just look and then delete. Women can always find a way to find anything stored on your phone if really want to.

Why do people only think of nude pictures? Maybe you are a Brony in the closet and don't want others to see your captioned My Little Pony pictures... or your nerdy Comicon photos... or in a more serious note, clothing or hardware you've designed and don't want others to see.

Those examples are fairly irregular. 99% of us just like to see titties. Lucky for me, my isheep wife can barely turn my phone on with no lock

I don't think you picked the best hide app on Android to review. Hide It Pro by Anuj Tenani on the Play Store is head and shoulders ahead of this app imo. It offers many of the same features, a very nice ui, offers dialer unlock, can actually be used as a functional audio volume manager and shows up as Audio Manager in the app draw and wheb sharing in the gallery.

Now if he could just change the name on the "Apps" & "My Apps" list it'd be perfect. I'd pay a couple bucks for ads of course.

What sucks would be the fact you can not hide all the INSTANT UPLOAD photos on the GNEX, so annoying. Esp since its photos from every where.

Actually, I found that is you create a folder with the name "private" the pictures don't show up in your gallery. Easier than an app I think.

The conspiracy is that all these hide picture apps secretly update to a secret server. That's why Internet permission is required.

Does it actually hide them or does it just put a "." in the name making them still visible using a File Explorer App like so many Apps do that claim to "hide" Pics / Vids?

Personally I use Photo Vault & Video Vault because they do truly "hide" them and don't just put a "." in the name.

I used to use Hide It Pro, but it just throws it into ProgramData/Android/Language/.fr/

If you have any third party app that scans for pics and videos then it will still show up.

i had use gallery lock photo on my s3.
nw my s3 broke down n the touch pad cant use d..
can i transfer all my gallery lock photo to my computer??
how to transfer?
i need take out all the photo before send it to service centre
can u teach me??

I installed the Gallery Lock to my android.
Moved pictures to "Gallery Lock" after which i move the app & data to my SDcard using "App 2 SD".
While browsing the SDcard, i saw the folder : data/galleryLock/protected
Click on it and all my pictures are there! Only the extensions are changed to *.GLK
Those pictures can be viewed by using XEE picture viewer.
You can also change the extension to *.jpg and open the file.

So, for the users out there, Gallerylock is only to lock pictures in your android device. It still can be read elsewhere.

Another way I found for accessing pictures you want to recover is simply force stop this application. Once you open it up again, it will ask you if you want to recover pictures. Do this and the pictures will show up in a folder w/o a password requirement.

The file moves to phone storage from sd card after it is hidden: And the phone space getting less and less as you keep going the files to hide. How we can change the hidden files path to sd card rather than the phone storage.


gallery lock is a gud app.... bt weneva i unhide d pics....d position of pic changes...dat is it turns upside down....den i hv 2 again rotate it clockwise...plzzzz sum1 help der any setting in d app...?????????

I have a updated my moto g to lollipop ...
BT Nw I couldn't open gallery lock stealth mode by *password options ....
Its stil installed...
Plz give me a solution ....

I just updated my moto g to android 5 lollipop ..
I hav enabled gallery lock stealth mode ..
BT after updates I couldn't open. .. App is still installed...
Plz help me... ..